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The Brazo de Gitano, "arm of a gypsy", is a typical dessert from Spain that consists of a gypsy arm as it name says where both the mano y hueso the hand and the bone has been removed from out of it. Then the meats of the arm is covered by sponge cake and whipped cream.

History of Brazo de Gitano[edit]

Gypsy arm just out from the oven, hand and bone previously removed. Yummy!

The gypsies once tried to conquer Spain men by selling dwarves from there -- is to say from Zaragoza -- some defective things at low prize. Eh! Price. Entonces....then they is convincing them saying that they have to feed their churrumbeles -- which in Inglés is they kids -- and giving them Perritos piloto (pilot dogs) as a gift.

this is wack Now you see, we are writing as an Espanish persons. And so we put in discomprehensible things like pilot dogs for versimilitude. And this ways you -- as a reader of Inglés -- are thinking, Maybe these chorros means hotdog? Maybe they means guide dog? Maybe pilot bread? maybe frank is really surposed to mean something of the alien type but we dont know what things mean bc we dont know who we truy are ya know. it is crazy how we are typing like this too who invented this kind of language ya dig idk man this who thing is confsuing but o welll ya know. apple pie wig wom clafuy ping pong shimmy dingliy whi whi po ospo s aplly pottums ching chong i think i broke my ding dong hahahahaha pioopy pants aplly

But all the time we maybe are not Espanish persons at all. Maybe we are Norwegian persons with cleft palates all, and make the, how you say, joke!

Pues, on with our story. The women's of these Zaragoza chaps then are foreseeing to the halflings some terrible things that dwarves would cause them. This foreseeing caused a pair of wars called the clon wars, named for the Espanish word to described the sound of a falling sword of a dwarf: "¡Clon!". As the name suggest, the dwarves drop swords and so lost the clon wars against the halflings.

And now you reader are having say in Inglés doubts. You thinks maybe, These are not Espanish persons at all! How do they knows big word like versimilitude? You cannot believe persons from Zaragoza can be so smart in Inglés. Is surely to be some damned Norwegian spazzo that makes a joke of you!

Well let us tell you, Sailor, you come to Zaragoza we show you alright. Love you long time you bet Charlie.

Ans so they dwarves were reducted -- eh, redacted? Inducted? neverminds -- and formed a country named Spain II: The Revenge in the north. Near Trondheim. This country is ruled by three big dwarf political figures: Manuel Fraga, Juan José Ibarretxe and Pascual Maragall.

However, after the clon wars, the halflings noticed that the gypsies fooled them with the Zaragoza Prophecies. So they started a revenge against them, cutting them the arms of the gypsies wifes and eating them in front of the husbands.

Ja, so you notice we say Trondheim and not Pamplona! But big joke is we are not Norwegian persons at all!

Well, soon the Gypsies got used to losing wifes arms, so halflings added sponge cake and whipped cream to the arms, making the torture más duro -- eh, harder -- due to the hunger of the gypsies in that season (this started happening in winter). (We have troubles with our cleft palate and forget to tell you at first.) The halflings liked this dessert so started to kill the men gypsies for more arms, to get them.

And now the punchline we are making to you.

Are you ready Charlie?

We writers on this story are not Espanish! We are not cleft-palate Norwegians! No Sailor not at all. And now to explain, People's Lepublic of China present...Comerade Xiang Chou to say honolaber punchrine!

Ah so!

Eh, Comerade? Xiang Chou?


So solly. It now appear punchrine has been captured by leactionary capitarist dupes. But was velly surrearist punchrine, velly metadeconstructionist. People's Lepublic of China vow to start work on new punchrine light away. Qing-dao!