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The Brick Monster is a mystery. Bricks in pavement are often uneven, a condition that acts as evidence supporting the existence of the Brick Monster. The Brick Monster attacks may appear random, but the Monster often targets drunk college students. Though attacks on drunken students are common, equally common are attacks on uncoordinated people and people who are rushing to get somewhere.

Although it is uncertain as to how many of these monsters are in existence, you are bound to run into one on any brick-paved sidewalk. The Brick Monster is the worst enemy of the pedestrian, and leading scientists classify it as cousin to the dreaded pothole.

Here are some of the leading theories about the origins and nature of the infamous Brick Monster:

1. The Single Brick Monster Theory: The Brick Monster is a single being who pops up randomly at various points throughout the world, creates an uneven brick, and returns to the the netherworld from which he came.

2. The Collective Brick Monster Theory: The Brick Monster is more a matter of the brick's state of mind than an actual monster. When a brick decides to become evil, he gives into the powers of a dark force, which make him part of the collective Brick Monster. In this theory, bricks who are incorporated into buildings may make the decision to be good or evil, but they cannot fully act on their decision because they are incapable of actually tripping pedestrians.

3. The Viscous Foundation Theory: Scientists have observed that the Brick Monster rarely appears in bricks that are set in a concrete foundation. Rather, the Brick Monster appears in bricks set in gravel, sand and other viscous or non-firm foundations. Thus, these researchers do not believe that the brick monster is real. These people refer to themselves as apavementists, a from the Latin route pavementum, meaning "a pavement of tiles or bricks."

The Brick Monster's intent is unclear; is it simply trying to cause mischief, or could it be trying to stop potential violators of the law from evading the local authorities? Researchers continue to conduct experiments to discover answers to this lingering question.