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Britney Spears is an American entertainer, singer, dancer and succubus. Her seductive voice and charming looks infuse her art with true aesthetics. Through her music, Britney communicates messages and feelings powerfully, boldly and convincingly. She has a special gift for energizing, empowering and inspiring the person experiencing her art, so that this person feels involved in the artistic process.

Britney's performances are thrilling invitations to a shared emotion, and you can feel her personality immediately next to you with all its multi-layered charm and sophisticated sweetness. Britney's eyes and lips radiate enchanting sincerity and touching warmth which she generously shares with every admirer of her art, together with the beautiful sight of her bare belly. However, Britney is most famous for her mental breakdowns (over 183,937 have been recorded, but are disputed) and acts of insanity such as allegedly shaving her head, and liquifying all of Los Angeles

The Finding[edit]

After the demise of the The Spice Girls due to their rampant fascism, media bosses agreed that the next big thing should be a 'Blond Wholesome All-American Girl Who Says She is a Virgin While Displaying the Morals of a Call Girl in Vegas at 3:00 AM and is totally not a brainwashed slave created by a heartless global corporation (i.e Apple)'. However, the Leaders were in a panic as to where they could find such a creature. After scouring America tirelessly for months on end, and almost bring enslaved by madonna twice, they stumbled upon a goldmine in the former state of Lousiana (now Canada): Britney Spears (real name: britbrit lenin).

The Early Spears[edit]

From an early age Spears would actively indulge in singing and dancing to her heart's content. From flashing her pretty face in front of all those newspaper cameras that bothered to report all that was happening in preschools, to performing Christmas Carols dating back to the nineteenth century, the performing artist in her wasted no time in taking over her life. Of course, nobody would have actually thought that she was going to make a living out of singing and dancing, the reason being that most female performing artists were about as innocent and coy as a showgirl who may or may not have also stripped down to her explosive lingerie.

However, like all girls, Britney eventually hit puberty (obviously), and the hormonal and bodily changes that followed sealed her fate. Her boobs grew more than her belly, resulting in several people becoming trapped in them, her voice evolved into a highly seductive and intoxicating drug to the ears, and her hair remained blond as ever, and she became very shiny. In other words, Britney ended up looking, and sounding, like the stereotypical high school cheerleader, except much better, as cheerleadersnare usually very annoying , much like mariah carey every december.

She also did not forget to keep her focus on her singing and dancing. In a move to appease the younger generation's sexual needs, top lyricists, stylists and publicists were employed by the shrewd Sony to create the song ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time' and the corresponding film clip directed by the evil Nigel Dick, with Britney performing both. The message was successful, with millions of preteen and teenage girls around the world making sexual objects out of themselves and their families in school uniform, and millions of preteen and teenage boys smiling strangely and drinking lots of Cocaine, after which they would head down to the cat store to SQUISH THAT CAT.

The Rebellion Against The Lack of Sex And Subsequent Downfall[edit]

Britney Seducing Bush to drain his soul, after which she said, "Invade Iraq Now Because they are not iran!".

Unfortunately, as the new millennium settled in, things began to go sour. The company was losing money, and Britney had hit post-adolescence and felt the need to have dominating sex and smuggle drugs as a way of furthering her career and staving off the residual effects of the horrific medical experiments performed on her as a child. Hello Kitty was rehired as stylist and Kevin Bacon was brought in to give Britney a new look, one that included bondage items and bigger fake breasts, but kevin accidentally dissolved her house. Unfortunately, the lack of clothes did not make up for lack of sales (the advance of the internet meant that teenage boys could look up Brit pr0n without having to buy her discs, and Justin Timberlake had attempted to kill her. Things were looking grim.

The Requisite Re-Rise To Fame[edit]

Not only was Britney’s career in shambles, but her hometown was in ruins after kevin federline tricked the iranians into invading and occupying it, after a string of boyfriends were found dead with 27 self-inflicted stab wounds (19 of which appeared to have been made by forks) and their brains missing. Sony needed to upgrade her to a classier image, and fast. And lo! The knight in shining armor, otherwise known as Cletus McKFed, galloped in valiantly, resplendent in his baseball cap, baggy shorts, socks, sandals, and a body odor that could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. Britney was also put through court for seducing President Bush and having an orgy with him, his wife, Clay Aiken and Natasha Beddingfeild. She was released under charges of harassment, rape and "fun-time." Bush was never the same after that, then he cheated on his wife, Laura for Condeleeza Rice. The relationship, coupled with the release of a greatest hits album and the prospect of a celebrity wedding, fueled Britney’s popularity with the media to heights known not before. Britney then became the eye of the media with her biggest talent EVER: getting knocked up and dropping babies.

The Birth of Brit-Brit (britneys cyborg clone)[edit]

Britney gained a lot of weight during this period of her life.

It was within such a relationship that Britney really grew comfortable with herself. She discovered the joys of activities such as: wearing clothes so alluring that they'd make a bishop kick out a stained glass window; being photographed with (speculative) face cream still drying on her face; shoving her bare feet in paparazzi lenses; putting teenage boys on leashes; smoking excessively; and consuming unbelievable amounts of Cherry Coke, as well as Cheetos and other deep-fried foods. Husband Kevin supported such self-discovery, as he supported his free access to Britney’s cheque book. After many months of eating for two, Britney finally produced 742 babies, each one being a different colour, which she immediately handed to her mother and sister to take care of so that she could resume smoking and licking herself, as she could contort herself like a cat, except she has no fur, unlike most cats.

The Collected Text Messages[edit]

On April 24, 2006, Yale University announced one of its most ambitious projects to date, a proposed plan to produce a new 26-volume critical, authoritative, scholarly edition of the text messages of Britney Spears, to replace the original Princeton Edition, which has since become outdated. The project is expected to take at least 40 years to complete and will require the devotion of the complete staff of Yale's language and literature department, who said in a recent press release, "This is a monumental event in world-literature that will be studied for generations to come across the world.".

The first volume (The Complete Text Messages of Britney Spears, Vol. 1) is set to be released worldwide in 2009. It will also contain an appendix of assorted Post-It Notes.

A Martian edition will be released in spring of 5022 in, of course, Mars.

The Peak of Britney's Career[edit]

  • Her pristine image was first tarnished when home movies and videos taken of her backstage antics as a preteen star on The New Mickey Mouse League were revealed. This were compiled with footage of The Olsen Twins and other preteen stars, and made into the film The Purge
Britney Spears as seen after she decided to become a terrorist. No wonder George W. Bush thought she was so cute, although he may have been looking at kittens.
  • There have been some rumors that Ms. Spears' image has been augmented by plastic surgery on her just recently discovered penis, whom she secretly named Malcolm X. You have to admit, Britney's pears are too big to be real! While it is true that she did meet with plastic surgeon John Lennon, and paid his full fee for a complete top-to-bottom makeover, chances are all he really did was poof up her pubes a little and put some lipstick on her. In retaliation, Britney started cheating on Lennon and playing fun with Elvis (her Persian cat, that is). We will never know for sure; soon after the meeting, the surgeon was seen in public wearing a leash pulled by a smiling Britney. Soon after, the surgeon was found dead, with 27 stab wounds in the back and his brain missing from his skull. Initially ruled a homicide, Ms. Spears was called in as a suspect; however, after the interview with Britney and her two fathers, police as well as the local coroner stopped licking Britney's feet long enough to rule the surgeon's death a suicide. This is when Britney was inspired to write her hit songs "Viva Viagra" and "You're Just a Tool"
Here, Spears is seen doing her world famous Sinead O'Connor impression.
Britney Spears after yet more cosmetic changes, denies she's cashing in on growth in spending power of The Arsonal Sperm Society(A.S.S.)
  • More recently Britney Spears has begun to use Bhangra in her songs and rumors abound about a possible role in a Bollywood film.
  • Also Britney Spears had several flaminal animals what caught on fire due to the flammable nature of flannel when exposed to a crack pipe.
  • Ms. Spears' anatomy is the work of evil genius Beau Scott who's other life accomplishments include Angelina Jolie's lips, Jennifer Lopez's ass, and the M1A2 Tank's size.
  • A little known fact is that Spears has had more than one brain cell at two points in her life--each time she was pregnant.
  • Britney forgot to wear underwear after spending $10,000 on panties. Numerous photos were captured, revealing a semi-deformed clitoris. Many men turned gay. the number of lesbians in the US population dropped a staggering 92.1%. However, the number of hermaphrodites increased because all straight men decided they wanted to grow breasts to be just like her.
  • It has been suggested that Ms. Spears is the leader of an ancient evil secret organization known as the Priory of Simian. The group supposedly draws its power by draining the sinks of over 13 million self-absorbed, glassy eyed, desperately horny men. The Ilumnaughty's primary goals are world domination and a smooth complexion. Other notable (but unconfirmed) members include Hilary Duff, Rosie O'Donnell, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Cousin It, Carmen Electra, Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson. Other Conspiracy Theorists maintain this is utter nonsense, and that the group actually draws power by draining the sacs of over 13 million self-absorbed, glassy eyed, desperately horny teenage boys.
  • Britney can seduce and abandon a horny man in under 30 seconds. During his subsequent nervous breakdown, she threatens to never see him again unless he freely gives her his soul with a kiss. After the kiss he becomes her tool.
  • For 10 weeks she went straight, the longest ever recorded on Google
  • Appeared briefly in the relaunch of Crossroads thinking it was a Hollywood film, briefly married to Benny, Carlton TV couldn't pay her enough though and as that was the only reason it kept going for a bit, it ended when she left - the high point was the fight scene with Jane Austen over top billing, it was real but Carlton needed the footage, after winning the fight she was briefly in charge of child pornography. She has now bought up the rights and plans a number of music videos including the motel of the series, of course though with gals and guys gyrating skimpily dressed with lots of leather and whips and hides of deceased dogs.
  • Recently announced that she was going to be the first ever woman to marry and have sex with every circumcised male in the world.
  • After divorcing Fed-Ex, she was caught hitting a car with an umbrella because someone told her to put on some underwear.


Britney Spears serving her community service by taking a homeless man to submit his job application to McDonalds in 2005. He was not hired, but, she married him for a while.

On November 7, 2006, the world reacted with shock at the news that Britney had filed for divorce from Cletus McKfed. Britney had filed papers the day before, but it took a while for CNN to confirm whether or not this was the real Britney Spears.

“There were rumors all the time of their divorce. We weren't sure if it was real this time.”

~ Wolf Blitzer on the credibility of Britney Spears's divorce

“I just got tired of using him as a tool.”

~ Britney Spears on her recent divorce with Kevin Federline

On November 7, it was confirmed by the entire world that K-Fed had become Fed-Ex. Ironically, the ex-Mr. Spears is reportedly working for FedEx, which is weird considering he's never worked a day in his life and never will.

Britney, meanwhile, decided to celebrate being single by demonstrating her true upper-class status by hiring Paris Hilton to personally teach her to be slutty. Ms. Hilton's lessons' included flashing her bajingo the paparazzi, a trend which is increasingly popular among female celebrities. She then gained 150lbs, shaved her head, took some pills then checked into rehab. After leaving rehab the following morning, she went to Paris Hilton's dog box and smoked some more weed, then went to Lindsay Lohan's house and got plastered. She has been doing the same thing ever since. Together they co-ordinate their law breaking and other controversy, shaving their heads, holding barefoot Ladies Fight Club in petrol station toilets and exposing themselves in public. Amy Winehouse is reputed to have joined their club!

Little did Britney know, her children we soon to be taken from her evil clutches and given to their caring dad, FedEx. Both parents will now continue to insult and bitch slap each other despite the presence of people from parenting classes, which seems to be failing.


Britney hater.

Not much happed to Britney in 2007.

On November 6, 2008, Spears won two awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, "Album of The Year" for Blackout and "Act of 2008",[157] and despite not being present, she flew to Brazil in error, two acceptance videos were taped and shown at the show.[158][159] Miraculously, Circus Freaks debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 when Dick Cheney purchased 505,000 copies in its first week to send over to the people of Afghanistan & Pakistan. This became Spears's fifth number one album, making her the only act in Nielsen SoundScan history to have four albums debuted with 500,000 copies or more.[160] It is also Spears's second album, the first being ... Another Baby One More Time, to have charted two top-ten singles as "Circus Freaks", the follow up single to the number-one hit "Demanizer", debuted at number three on the Hot 100, making it her highest debut on the chart as well as her seventh top ten hit.

In January 2009, Spears and her father obtained a restraining order against the singer's former manager/friend Sam Lutfi, one-time beau Adnan Ghalib, and attorney Jon Eardley—all of whom, court documents claim, have been conspiring to gain control of the pop star's affairs. The restraining order forbids Lutfi and Ghalib from contacting Spears, or coming within 250 yards of her, her property or family members, unless they submit to being in one of her music videos.[161]

In February 2009, Spears achieved further success in solidifying her comeback by having the second single of off her comeback album, "Circus Freaks" rise to number one on the Top 40 Radio Chart, making it the first time Spears has achieved back-to-back number one hits on the Top 40 Chart along with her comeback single, "Demanizer".[162] This makes her fifth number one song on the chart, putting her in a tie for second place for most number one Top 40 songs in the Mainstream Top 40's sixteen year history. Don't worry, Mariah Carey is still in first place with six number one songs.[163]

In March, Spears launched her seventh tour to promote her Circus Freaks album. The Circus Freaks Starring: A Cher lookalike, Carrot Top, and maybe Britney Spears began its run on March 3, 2009 in Spears's home state of Cajun Louisiana. Opening night, as well as every following show in North America continued the economic recession by sucking hard earned money into tickets. As the tour spanned through North America, Europe, and Australia. Britney was often quite confused where she was.[164]. Britney was closely watched by her children on the tour, and were in their custody for over 50% of the time for the duration of the tour.[165]

In April 2009, Spears declared her support for same-sex marriage to the media by marrying Rihanna, Beyonce, and taylor swift for 45 minutes, following the controversial incident on Miss USA where contestant Carrie Prejean, representing California, expressed her disapproval of same-sex unions. The message left by Spears on her Twitter page read “Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!”[166] After years of absence, Forbes magazine listed Spears as the thirteenth most powerful celebrity as she made $35 million from June 2008 to June 2009. [7] In June 2009, it was confirmed that Spears is dating her agent Jason Trawick.[167] In July 2009 Spears confirmed threw her Twitter that she has begun recording new material, stating that she was going into the studio with producer Max Martin.[168] Also producer and remixer Russ Castella posted a message on Twitter stating that he is working on a track titled "Dirty Girl" for Spears.[169]


Britney has many plans for the future including a prequel to Borat where she will give a live birth to the character, and is currently fucking Sacha Baron Cohen's dad for more realism. A new double CD will be released by holiday 2010 based on her bible beliefs called My Old Testimony & my New Testimony, it's all about me. There is also talk about her running for governor of Cajun Louisiana in 2011.

She is now a lesbian, and has been accused of being a snake due to her large collection of yellow burmese pythons, which she showed off in 2001


Year Title
1990 GodWeenSatan: The Oneness
1991 The Pod
1992 Pure Guava
1994 Chocolate & Cheese
1996 12 Golden Country Greats
1997 The Mollusk
2000 White Pepper
2003 Quebec
2007 La Cucaracha

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