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Brooke Bored "Brookers" Brodack Björk (born Ramadan 7, 1386 (for Islamic Lunar Calendar), in Foot-num, Connectdunnowhat) is the CEO of YouTube and the world dominator, living in Somewhere that Nobody cares about.

Teh hataz[edit]

In her quest for "good and righteousness", Brookers has attracted quite a number of haters. Their many qualms against her vary from her large, 2ft gap teeth (the source of her evil magic) to her refusal to share her gummi bears to her recent obsession with showing her feet. Brookers hating has replaced football and marijuana as the foundation upon which our economy is based, and is done by many.

Brookers in many ways infuriated the hater community when she made a video, claiming she was having a nice life whist she counted her money. They feel this is a gross breach in civility while she insists that she didn't mean to do and it was one time so they should get over it, all done whilst counting her money. She commonly insists that her actions were far from extraordinary, reminding everyone of the famous Iraqi proverb "pigeons and skunks eat Grandma's cabbage."

Mildly retarded Numa fanatic[edit]

Her most popular video "Mildly retarded Numa fanatic" on YouTubistan, has over 6½ million views, and 4 million of those was Brookers making sure the video was still there and 1 millon of those by her Aussie cousin Kateline Mountain Eighteright. The video shows the result of Brookers drinking abit too much coffee 5 seconds before the video was recorded. Her sister, Melissa Mentossie "Missy" Maul Marlboro Brodack, also starred in this video, she accounts for 250 views. The rest of the views are from her fans.

Her jobs[edit]

  • Dominated YouTube
  • Dominated the world
  • Dominated Uncyclopedia as the one and only YouTuber of here.
  • Dominated these guys who caused the banning of YouTube in Turkey.
  • Dominated Planet 3 (Home of this guy called Agamemnon Tiberius Vacuum who wanted to dominate the world.)