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April 25, 2017 at 02:58Bubblegum Crisis 4 1/2 is an alternate-anime version to Bubblegum Crisis 2040, with different themes, but new character designs and new or re-worked storylines.

Taylor Media obtained the rights to the series when AIC dissolved in November of 2007. Although the 2040 series had not sold well in its initial run in Japan, it had done rather well in the US market of the early 21st century, being one of the earliest works of anime to be commercially dubbed there. The US anime-importing company Funimation funded the creation of an all new Bubblegum Crisis 4 1/2. BGC 4 1/2, as it became known, ran for 72 TV episodes.

The series has many interesting technological innovations 'in the background', such as the Knight Sabers Command Megazord. Near the end of the series an event similar to technological singularity is shown.

In 2012, a sequel series was announced, Knight Sabers Turbo. Funimation will produce and is reported to be taking a greater role in its production but no other news have been heard at this time.

Major Characters[edit]

Joshua Taylor Stingray

An enigmatic pop star, and the founder of the band The Stimps. Josh used to engage in combat with the Knight Sabers, but was persuaded to be the Shadow Saber. Josh is the nephew of Jedi Master Stimpy, the man who trained in the force. His sister is Sylia Stingray, helped him fight. His ability is to levitate objects, even himself.

Amanda Hild

A perky, naïve ukulele player, enjoys watching Punch and Judy likes to pester Josh in much the same fashion that a little baby would, and has an affinity for loli.

Kari Kamiya Stingray

Kari is a fan-dancer who came to Los Angeles after writing to her brother on the Internet, and also to get away from her aunt Nancy Makuhari Cadoogen. She works as a cashier for Capsule Corp. Kari is a very positive, friendly, outgoing person with high ideals and dreams of helping people, much like a superhero would.

Rika The Fish Killer

Rika, as she is most often called, has proved to be the Knight Saber's strongest member specializing in mortal combat. Her inner motives in joining the Knight Sabers or how she became one of its members are unown.

Rika as an assassin has no social problems or delinquincy. She is rarely seen together with her fellow Knight Sabers and shrugs every opportunity to be with them or to be close to them.

Adam Turner

Knight Saber. Adam Turner is an alcoholic. Adam sees himself as the Gold Saber who has to protect the weak from harm and initially does not take kindly to the vigilante presence of the L.A. Nazis, but later begins to reconsider drinking.

Nancy Makuhari Cadoogen

A Jedi mistress recruited by her brother Jedi Master Stimpy. Her special power is the ability to become intangible and pass through solid objects.

Jedi Master Stimpy

Master of the force. He wants the Americans to live in peace and harmony, and while he suspects his sister Nancy's conspiracies, he is overconfident in his ability to control and maintain the force. His body hasn't changed, but he fears the future too much.

Maya Natsume Stingray


Maya is the busty 17 year-old sister of Josh Taylor Stingray. Has a relationship with her brother.

Episode Names[edit]

It is not rumoured that each of the titles of the episodes were named after reggae songs.