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GOVERNMENT WARNING: According to the Surgeon General, the use of Bud-wise-err impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

What is we are supposed to say again???


~ Frog 1 on Bud-wise-err


~ Frog 2 on Bud-wise-err


~ Frog 3 on The old ones are the best...


~ redneck saying on eating these frogs

Mating call of the American Bullfrog. American Bullfrogs, despite appearances, are extremely astute economically, and some time ago spotted a large hole in a market of idiots.

The bullfrogs noticed that beeroids, despite being the liquid equivalent of white noise, sell like hot-cakes. They took to bottling water from the ponds they live in and selling it as a beeroid, marketing it with the well-known TV advert and a pretty label. That American Bullfrogs can call their creation 'The King Of Beers" and get away with it is testament to their intelligence. The success of said product is proof of the stupidity of its buyers. However the slightly less astute Canadian Bullfrog released Fudweiser, a tasteful Canadian beer in hopes to be "The Prince of Beers". This being noted, after three seconds people stopped caring and the slighty more tasty beer company was bought by the Buffalo Bills and used as a sod enrichment treatment being as effective as Urea.

It is interesting to note that despite being full of frogspawn, all manner of algae, nitrous fertiliser run-off and small fish, Bud-wise-err is utterly devoid of any taste whatsoever.

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