Buddha cakes

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A common sight in the cookies factory.

Buddha cakes are not to be confused with other cakes such as cheesecakes and banana cakes. They are specially hand-made by ohmppa-loompas. Special ingredients such as sugar cookies and Cambodian prostitutes' breast milk bring out the refined flavour the the first coming of BUHHDA, Buddha. In accordance with BUHHDAs laws they are eaten on thursdays, so his followers remeber the eating of Buddha, the first coming of BUHHDA. Buddha cakes are apparently good with salt.

Buddha Cookies[edit]

Similar to sugar cookies. Available only in orange, yellow and green. The only available flavours are orange, banana and pickle. Hand-crafted by small orange midgets with green hair exclusively for the President of Ronania (not to be confused with Romania). It is a well known fact that all residents of Ronania eat only oranges and love anything that is orange, so the sales of orange coloured, oranges-flavour buddha cookies sell like freshly picked oranges.