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The Bureau of Utter Bullshit (a.k.a. BUB) is a American governmental organization that churns out nonsensical information 24 hours a day (or according to them "47.32 days a minute"). They should not be mistaken for the Bureau of Useless Trivial, the Department of Homeland Stupidity, or the Bureau of Udder Bullshit.

The purpose of the Bureau[edit]

Similar to the U.S. Department of Disinformation, the Bureau differs in one important way: their political agenda is to make themselves look bad. By doing this they accomplish two important goals:

  1. They make other government departments look marginally better than they really are.
  2. They follow the doctrine promoted by their leader and God George W. Bush.

Brief history of the Bureau[edit]

The following historical account was taken from their own propaganda just 3 minutes ago:

Created in 2153 by Buck Rogers and president Bush, the Bureau of Utter Bullshit has become
the largest dinosaur egg to ever sprout legs and dance to the polka. A quick devolution to
governmental organization then occurred, thanks to the inspired finding of the universal 
source of bullshit (a.k.a. George W. Bush).
Two days later they rode into the ''Heart of Darkness'' (Washington D.C.)dressed only in 
purple tank tops and tutus. They initiated a strategy of seek and destroy on any liberal 
pinko tree-huggin' commie they found, and within four days had purged the city of all 
weenies. But the battle against fact continues. Long live the revolution!

Confusion and, err, bullshit[edit]

Many rumors surround the Bureau. These cause great satisfaction to the Bureau itself, because they reaffirm that it is doing its job correctly. Some of the most famous rumors include:

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