Butterfly Effect

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A Monarch butterfly causing chaos as usual.

The Butterfly Effect is a theory that says that if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the globe, this leads to a hurricane on the other side. First it was not believed, but later studies involving a butterfly released in a tiny model of a globe, proved that butterflies can cause tremendous damage.

Military applications[edit]

The butterfly effect has been used by MSN Laboratories as the core of a doomsday machine currently under development. If you see a pixelated butterfly with enough war paint to make a drag queen blush, be warned.

The best way to keep such bugs out is to close Windows immediately. Do not risk the blue screen of death.


George W.Bush: "And we thought that it was the global warming... Now, we know that all of those hyrry.. hirri.. whirly things are caused by gay dirty red Chinese commie terrorists." When trying to inform China of the danger of butterflies, President Bush found himself being laughed at by all the Chinese ambassadors. At first, America planned an attack on China, but decided not to because the absence of oil makes China not as big a terrorist threat as Iraq. Congress is currently pushing legislation to make "keeping, breeding, not killing, posting information about, or thinking of" butterflies an offense punishable by death.

Did you know[edit]

  • ...that scientists recently discovered the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans originated from butterfly flapping its wings in the Szechuan region of China?

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