Cabinet (British)

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Despite the name, no part of the British government meets regularly in an item of furniture. The Liberals hold their annual conference in a phone box, but they'll never be a part of the Government.

The Cabinet is the British answer to the American League of Justice. The number of it's members varies depending on circumstance, but each member of Cabinet is given a special ring, a book of passwords, and superhuman powers by the monarch, upon the recomendation of the British Prime Minister. The Prime Minister automatically becomes a member of Cabinet, and is given powers not dissimilar to Ian "Mr.Fantastic" Fantastic, as is right since he leads the Cabinet.

Prominent former Cabinet members include:

The job of the Cabinet in a modern Constitutional Monarchy is to solve crimes, either from the high-tech lab, The Cabinet Office, or in their mobile lab, The Battle Bus. The name "Cabinet" is a reference to the Prime Minister who first formed the Cabinet, the Right Honourable Viscount Obeddiah "Firestorm" Cabinet-Office MP, QC, DSM, VC, PC, iPod, FRS, VIP, RN (Ret.), C3P0, etc.