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Cadbury means quality, there is nothing else I can say about it. The fact that Cadbury means quality is too overwhelming for many people. They think that there must be more to this Cadbury, but there isn't. It's just a word that use as quality ipso facto it means quality ipso facto Cadbury means quality. e.g. The quality of the roast was reasonable. -> The Cadbury of the roast was reasonable.

Here, try one[edit]

That is all there to say, there isn't any more. Here, try one. What, you don't believe everything you read in print? Or is it the fact that due to the heat it already half-melted? Melted chocolate is really the best. Gee, you really are picky, aren't you? Just because I already took a bite out of it you don't want it? Oh come on, the rest of it is still very delicious. Can't you just smell the delicious chocolate? It even has raisins and nuts in it.

Ok, try this one instead[edit]

What, you're allergic to nuts? You aren't going to let that stop you, are you? Surely you can get past the symptoms of hives and asthma for the delicious taste of chocolate - I even have a spare inhaler right here. No? Well I have another one here with no nuts in it. What, you're allergic to soy too? Well, that rules out most energy bars, doesn't it. And no, sorry, its not gluten-free, either. But I have another one that has no nuts, no soy, and it even has berries in it. Oh no, don't tell me you're allergic to berries, too. Well, I have a plain milk chocolate bar here, that you might enjoy instead. Oh, now you tell me you're allergic to dairy? Fine, try this premium dark chocolate bar - it has only 100% bittersweet chocolate in it and nothing else. It costs 10 times the amount of the others, but its worth it.

Now you tell me[edit]

Oh no! NOW you tell me you're allergic to chocolate? Perhaps you would be interested in this carob bar...