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The Cajuns are exiles from the planet Beaucoupdespiceyhot that came to settle in the American state of Louisiana. They were exiled because of their practice of the forbidden "oeeseiidx" (Beaucoupdespiceyhotian word for Voodoo magic).

The Earth's atmosphere is different from the one on Beaucoupdespiceyhot, and this simple fact has a number of awesome side effects. For instance, the Cajuns have the power of flight and lazer vision, as well as the ability to uberpwn even the most 1337 of gamers. The Cajuns must be careful in using their powers, however, because if the world knew just what they were capable of Major World Leaders would be frightened and the Cajuns would be harshly mistreated (similar to the X-Men).

For you doubters out there, look up Gambit- that is a prime example of a Cajun who went public.

In particular, they would be forced to ingest plutonium until their stomachs went supercritical and they exploded. Scholarly readers may recall that Socrates was forced to drink "hemlock" -- another name for plutonium.

Notorious Cajuns include Adam Coulon and gatorphile Christian Ortego.

What to do if you meet one[edit]

Except for one or two, they are super awesome and sexy and should be avoided at all costs. Watch out for their laser eyes. Also, the ability to fly makes them fairly quick. If one is chasing you, the best chance you have to survive is to stand completely still. It shouldn't be able to see you because their vision is based on movement. The best thing to do is not make one angry. You will not like one when it's angry.