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City of Dubai'algary
Motto: Gimme, Gimme
Civic anthem: "Let's all get Rich!"
State Alberta (North American Bitumen Emirate of Alberta)
Official nickname Egotown, Center of Known Universe, Promised Land
Official language(s) Engrish, Bad Engrish
Mayor Sheika Dave Ala Muhammad bin Bronconnier
Established Settled: 13 BE (Before Existence)
Currency None

Dubai'algary is the largest and most important place in the universe. It is located in the center of the universe and all that is, and ever will be, surrounds it. This general region of mostly empty space is referred to by many as Canada. Dubai'algary's elite position as the center of the universe is due mainly to the fact that the collected ego of the entire universe is located there. Also it is the central business hub for everything, everywhere.

A resident of Dubai'algary is known as a Dugarian.


First Settlement[edit]

Dubai'algary was settled before the dawn of existence by Chuck Norris. There he lived until he decided to pursue acting at which time he roundhouse kicked the universe in the face and the first residents of Dubai'algary fell out. They lived there helping to eventually create everything we know to exist.

The oil boom[edit]

Since being the center of all existence was not sufficient enough for most residents of Dubai'algary, they elected to ass-rape planet Earth for monetary profit. This lead to super amazing wonderful happy feelings for all the residents. Earth is expected to recover from the incident sometime in the near future. Some local residents have protested this activity, they were roundhouse kicked in the face.

Recent history[edit]

Recently Dubai'algary has been named the best place ever. Chuck Norris returned in 2008 and roundhouse kicked several surrounding Cities in the face to prove how superior Dubai'algary was.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Since Dubai'algary is everything, and everything is Dubai'algary, the landscape resembles whipped cream and the weather is always mild.


There are only three types of employment in the City. CEO's of large oil companies, Real-Estate Agents and Tim Horton's Employees. This has led to a rather cyclical economy wherein the CEO's buy each other's homes every few months paying the Real-Estates agents salaries who in turn buy more coffee, making Tim Horton's employees successful enough to become CEO's of large oil companies.

Cost of Living[edit]

Due to recent and ongoing economic success in the face of universal depression, Dubai'algary is the most expensive place to live in the universe and several alternate universes.

Housing Costs[edit]

The average home in Dubai'algary sells for $37.5 Trillion dollars and the most expensive home was recently sold for $∞(infinity). This makes living in Dubai'algary unaffordable for most people. Some recent developments have been selling homes in the low 20's (trillions) but many residents are unpleased with the quality of craftsmanship for their newly constructed homes.

Retail Industry[edit]

There is no retail industry in Dubai'algary. Residents simply think about what they want and it will be as if they have always had it.


Some believe that Dubai'algary does not really exist and that it is simply a gaping hole in the space-time continuum where the laws of economics are reversed by the stretching of the universal anus at that point.

It has also been speculated that the residents of Dubai'algary are simply so much better than the rest of the universe that if they were to speak or be seen that the universe would cease to exist.