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The Calgary Flamers are a professional Troll Club...ahem Hockey team playing on Roblox.... ahem the National Heghlast Leigion in Calgary, Cowboystan. Their home arena is the Fuck Edmonton Swaggerdome.


Never Happend 1971 - 1980[edit]

Beginning life as the Atlanta Brownies in 1971 'cause the (Wigger Hockey League) WHA was making a bunch of gin and Chick-Fil-A and the NHL Wanted More Kentucky Fried Chicken and so those fucking crackas shot all of atlanta and raped Jesus damnit, and Barack Obama was actually born to the owner of the team Colonel Sanders

The team earned its trademark of never making it more than one round into the playoffs every year before being entirely wiped out by drive-by shootings immediately following the final game.

Half-Decent Years 1980 - 1985[edit]

After coming to the stunning realization that dumping a hockey team on an American city that never asked for one might have actually been a bad idea, the city of Atlanta was bought by two hobos wandering through Calgary in exchange for a pair 'o sammiches. Fortunately for all of Canada they just ripped out the team and left the rest of the dying mass to fester.

In their first year the Flamers murdered and burned their way to a 1505-2-5439 record for eleventieth place in the Drunken Irish Division, before reducing the Chicago Meaningless Apologetic Gestures and Philadelphia Thugs to ashes. However as the City of Calgary ran out of oil in 1981 they could only inflict 3rd-degree burns on the Minnesota-Not-Wild-Yet in the third round of the playoffs before freezing to death outside the Stampede Corral.

Death To All Years 1986-1990 --The Euronnigers years[edit]

They mashed the Montreal Québécois in the own arena for the Stanley Cup for the first time ever. The Québécois relocated to the Bell Centre shortly afterwards as the Forum now eternally smells of smoke. After this massive incident Calgary waters realised that they needed european reinforcements to have amore consistent team... They Brought direct from Finland, Algeria a superstar, superstarved player named Jaron oba oba Ingila, due to his famine he was and still never able to finish a game, he always grabs a snack during the game. Roberto "Chavo" Regehr born in Scranton, Brazil, this monkey man is a great defenseman, with his ears he can knock down evebody he wants, except for his teammate from Euronigger land, Dion "second sloppier" Bananeuf from Auxerre, Armenia, well there isn't to much to tell aboust this player, but evebody knows he bangs Sean Avery, making him a superstar as well.

Half-Indecent Years 1991 - 2003[edit]

One cold summer 1991 night, a truckload of Maple Leaves rolled into town and kidnapped Dough Gilmour and four other players no one not from Calgary remembers. Because of this, the Leaves actually won one or two games of the 1991-1992 season and the Flames were handed just two more losses than usual.

2003-2004 Season[edit]

After killing off most of the San Jose Pufferfish and stealing goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff in the process, the Arsonists proceeded to boil the Vancouver Canuckleheads in their own Pacific Ocean, grind the Derelict Red Flings, re-murder the backup San Jose Pufferfish squad, become Canada's Team, single-handedly remove President Paul Martin from office and cause mass quantities of bras to fly off many of the more (and less) attractive females in the city, the Flames won their second Stanley Cup by grounding the Tampa Bay One-Hit-Wonders in six games with a late third-period goal by Martin "Terminator" Gelinas. The Saggerdome's roof then finally fell in and turned the entire Tampa team into a mushy paste.


The NHL ceased operation due to lack of ice making machines, which had all been diverted to local casinos to fuel the alcohol-inspired Poker revolution that sucked up the airwaves and made fat Internet geeks popular for sitting on their asses all day in front of a computer.


The Calgary Flamers continue to dominate in the NHL, repeatedly scorching their archenemies the Edmonton Oil Puddles in criminal massacres. Players such as Jarome Iginla along with that Finnish Guy and whatever any ways we trolled everyone in the NHL causing a Lockout



There goes that Bettman Guy

Famous Players[edit]