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“ Capital, old chap!”

~ Some 1800's British Dude on some capital thing (probably whiskey)

The Differences between State and Grammar[edit]

A "capital" is a place where people complain about bill 207, get money laundering charges settled, or just to past through to get to theme parks, like Disneyland, Six Flags, or even an Crap theater. They are not very useful, in that, the public already has a Capital, see Retards, or nobody cares. Capitals get in the way of the Capitol, in that, the Capitol controls all, while a puny capital only controls a state or country other than the US. One famous attempt to get out of the Capitol's grasps was when the South seceded from the North, or I guess when the States in the realized that the Capitol has their asses.

"Capitals" are also the first letter of a proper noun, name or "I", for some reason. Maybe "I" wanted to be separate from the other letters because they were making fun of "i" for being the shortest letters in the alphabet. Capitals always occur at the first letter of every sentence, see grammar. The capitals are never the second or third in a word, otherwise the word would look weird, for example, cOlck, coLck, or nOOb, or noOb. That's one reason why people hate school because they would have to right "noob" or "Noob" in the about noobs in order not to be marked down in points.

The Capitol and capitals[edit]

As one should already know, there's a difference in The Capitol and capitals. The Capitol is a place in Washington D.C where Congress meets on how to screw the US over. A capital is a place in the world/US where government mets on how to screw their country/the state over. Very different.

However, in Hong Konglish, many people think that the Capitol is the residential place outside LOHAS Park Station.

Because of the dispute, it seems that the Capitol will sign into law a new word to replace "capital". Whether it is possible or legal makes dictionary companies ponder, not that they are already confused about other political uses of words and new words/wordings. The new word to replace "capital" will be "crapital". States complained about the change for obvious reasons, but do agree that calling the capital of a state "crapital" would stop people who make spelling mistakes between "Capitol" and "capital", and that fact they are pronounced the same way. Teens and Tweens alike who use the word "crap" can now correct themselves before their parents hear by saying sentences like: "Crap!-ital of our state is ___________." or "You piece of shit, why'd you do that, crap-ital..." and so forth.

Now baby has to relearn his grammar.

Capitals: tHeIr impOrTant rOle in graMMar[edit]

As one should already know, capitals are used to capitalize the first letter in a sentence, or to make the first letter the bigger one of the two, like "T" instead of "t". Never the second, or third, forth, fifth and so on. That would be considered bad English, or good French. Because of the important role capitals play in English, they were given their own set of letters bigger than their smaller counterparts, such as "A", "B", "C" , "D" and so on. If your child 10 and older hasn't learned them, consult local media outlets to show that your child is stupid, and Bush is to for not funding him by immersed in grammer, and grammor concepts, cause that's the liberal way! Capitals, in summery, are necessary in not being laughed at by the general public. But ninjas can laugh at them. Same with clinjas.

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