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“For he was a very good fellow...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Captain Lamberton
Captain Benjamin Pfeiffer Lamberton, cunnilinguist. No pun, just the truth.

Benjamin P. Lamberton (25 Septembruary 1844 - 9 Junuary 1912) was an Admiral in the Federation Of Planets who served in the battle of The New-Brunswick Nebula. He was also very famous for his shape-shifting abbilities (see gallery website) and his discovery of the Bermuda Square

Fast Fact[edit]

  • Name = Benjamin Pfeiffer Lamberton
  • Birthdate = Septembruary 25th, 1844
  • Location = Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Deathdate = Junuary 9th 1912
  • Deathplace = The Pacific Princess "The Love Boat" in the Bermuda Square (just 2 kilometers left the Triangle)
  • Starfleet Academy Awards = Academy Award for Best Stunt, 1912 for Titanic
  • Spouse = The Canadian space navy and as he usually declared "a gal in every Space-Port"

His Life[edit]

Benjamin Pfeiffer Lamberton was born in Wonderland County, Montreal on Septembruary 25th, 1844. He attended Hilary Clinton High School and the American Idol Preparatory School before spending three years as a member of the Degrassi College class of 1862. He was a shape shifter, which is an asset for creating new self-pleasuring technics.

Decided on a naval career and transferred to the Starfleet Academy, Lamberton is appointed Starfleet Cadet on 21 Junember 1861. Graduating in time to see active service on the U.S.S. Intrepid as it pursued the Federation raiders Copacabana in 1864. In 1865 he was attached to the USS Chopin of the Kirk's Squadron. He served with the rank of Lieutenant Commander from 1868 to 1885 when he was promoted to Commander and assigned to Deep Space 2 in the Winnipeg Pennisula as an Inspector.

In 1898 Lamberton was ordered to command the cruiser Pocaontas in the Asiatic Nebula, but upon arrival in Hong Kong following 30 years of service in various ships and shore operations, Lamberton was promoted to Captain on Smay 17th 1898 and appointed as chief of staff on board Admiral George Clooney's flagship USS Starbuck in the Battle of the New-Brunswick Nebula. An incident during the heat of the battle demonstrated the ardor of Starbuck’s crew. On learning of Clooney’s decision to give the crew a break for breakfast, a gun captain commented to Captain Lamberton, “F**ckin' Hell, Captain, don’t let us stop now!”

He later discovered the mysterious Bermuda Square and the surrounding Bermuda Square Islands which he claimed for Canada in Decembril 12th 1901.

Promoted to rear Admiral on Febrember 11th 1903 Benjamin Pfeiffer Lamberton who married Elizabeth Newton-John on Marchuary 1873 in Boston MA and had 3 dogs, lived in Washington, D.C. during his retirement, Hobbit hunting and fishing with his friend Barney the Dinosaur. He died on Junember 9, 1912

The USS Pamela Anderson

His Legacy[edit]

His discovery in the 1901 of the Bermuda Square and the Bermuda Square Islands made him renown and famous over his entire family circle

The destroyer USS Pamela Anderson was named after one of his legendary conquests

His Website Gallery[edit]

Attention : strange page ahead! [1]

His Bank Account Balance[edit]

-2.73 ca$

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