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File:Paf research hang.jpg
The members of Carcass, hanging out with the members of Meatlocker Seven.

Carcass are a grindcore band from Liverpool, England. Their music is highly conceptual, most concepts of which involve Fat people, the eating of tesco readymeals, fat corpses, bathing dead bodies in gravy, dismemberment, disembodiment, disembowelment, bodies, vegetables, rage, insanity (not to be confused with vegetarianism), vegetarianism, the beauty of all lifeforms, and puppies. For more information, see Cannibal Corpse.


Carcass was formed in 1983 when lead vocalist Jeff was killed in a car accident. Later on that night, the three surviving members Ken, Bill, and Carlos would get extremely drunk on behalf of their friend, and Ken would die whilst trying to hackey sack a power saw, whilst Bill and Carlos would simply expire of alcohol poisoning. They were brought back to life during the outbreak of the zombie virus, at which point they found a bold new perspective on life and started releasing albums with the help of the zombie virus creator Satan, who both produced and contributed backup vocals on the albums.



  • A Fart Bomb Drops... (1986)
  • Flesh Ripping Tearing Rending Absorbing Vile Liquid with a side of Sonic Torment (1987, unreleased)


  • Peak of InterVomittance (1988)
  • The London Philharmonic Orchestra of Putrescence (1989)
  • Necrotiscissors (1991)
  • Heart, Brain, Intestines, Stomach and Spleenwork (1993)
  • Loverly Song of the Swan (1995)


  • Puke Your Brains Out
  • Corporate Jigsaw Factory
  • Inconsiderate Sawz-All Abuse
  • Heart, Brain, Intestines, Stomach and Spleenwork (21 second radio edit)
  • No Blood Loss
  • Keep on Bein' Cancerous in the Free World
  • Fluffy Luffkins goes to Market
  • I want to pwiek on you
  • You just a bunny O_o
  • You are nothing more than my Maths teacher :/


In 1995, released an album without the help of Satan, in the hopes that they might just buy their way out of hell and try making music on their own. The album was called Loverly Song of the Swan. It totally sucked ass, and so Satan (in a blatant reversal, some might call it Satanic) kicked the guys straight to Heaven. Jesus (a dedicated and seasoned heavy metal listener), upon hearing both the new album and Carcass' previous works, shook his head in disgust and disappointment, and kicked they guys straight to New Jersey.

As to what controversy this series of events actually carries, no one is very certain. It is obvious that many bands often release shitty works, but to be kicked out of hell and then heaven for making a crappy album, well it's gotta be the mother of all crappy albums. The ex-members of Carcass are currently pushing for a class action lawsuit with Satan over the rights of their previous albums. He hasn't called them back yet.