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Carson Cistulli (born December 23, 1979) is an American poet, essayist and English professor. After years of writing and teaching he now lives in a continual state of panic and terror.


Early Years[edit]

Carson Cistulli was born December 23, 1979 in Concord, New Hampshire to Philip Cistulli Jr. and Holly Young.[1] Carson passed his early childhood in a middle class Italian-American home until his parents' divorce in 1994.[2] Rather than choosing to live with one or the other of his parents Cistulli left for boarding school at Milton Academy in Massachusetts.[2]

Panic Attacks[edit]

Carson Cistulli lives in a continual state of panic and fear.[3] His last readable words explain this: "At this point, as you can imagine, the comedian was seized by panic and suffered both an identity, and an existential, crisis at the same time."[4]