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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Grand Theft Auto: Cartoon City?

“This page is about a fictional city.”

~ Captain Obvious on On this Page
City Name Cartoon City
Founded 1921, when cartoons were most likely invented.
Population 361,542 citizens; 57,129 cartoons (NOTE: Cartoons don't count as citizens)
Awards Most Likely To Have Cuban Drug Lords, Most Likely to be Attacked by a Grue Army, & Most Likely to Give You Radiation Poisoning.
Average Citizen Income $80,000-$200,000
Does Chuck Norris Have a Condo Here? I don't know really.
Mayor Hank R. Hill
Military Bases 1 isn't nuclear, 2 are nuclear and radioactive.
Media Various Radio Stations and TV stations

Creator's Warning[edit]

This page contains language that is very inappropriate very appropriate for sm all children.

City History[edit]

In 1921, so many cartoons were being created at once. So the bureaucrats in the senate tried to fix the problem by giving the little burdens a home of their own. This turned out to be a fatal mistake as the city soon became over-populated, and many foreign cartoons, such as Japanese Anime, were deported with massive prejudice. Yet, since it was the 20's, no one cared.

In 1957, beatniks, such as Bugs Bunny and Stalin came to the city and started the Aryan

Bright Lights, Big City.

Racist Society of Evil (A.R.S.E.). In response, Joseph McCarthy condemned the city as a place of communist, Anti-American, liberal domain. Many citizens rioted, beginning what was known as the "57 freefall".

In 1963, Beatlemania gripped the nation. Going to go with the trend, cartoons such as Popeye began protesting the Beatles in an Anti-Foreigner rant about the "Status Quota". As a result, the White Power Movement and the KKK gained a strong foothold in the city. As the Civil Rights Movement came to be, the city's views changed like the rest of the nation's. Yet a radical group, also going by the name of A.R.S.E., thought that the city was becoming corrupted by the civil rights movement, and started the White Ultra Socialist State (W.U.S.S.) outside of the United States Border on an island (See Mexico).

1987 was a peaceful year for the city, as nothing happened. So, disregard this paragraph.

Notable members of A.R.S.E. and long time residents.

2000, Y2K fever gripped the city, and fear speculated, causing Mayor Hank Hill to leave office. At the Last minute, Sir Mix Alot took control and a crime wave hit the city, leading from sophisticated families, like the Mafia, to Street Gangs taking control of the city.

Presently, Cartoon City is a wonderful place due to the downfall of crime lord Spongebob Squarepants in a spectacular attack by a machine that appeared to be from the future! Now, under the leadership of Mayor Hank R. Hill, Cartoon City has begun to prosper in industry, film, and gambling. Yet, the future is not written...

Notable Residence[edit]

The Districts[edit]

Cartoon City has 5 distinct districts and a military complex not known about by the city's citizens:

  • Hommack: The commercial town center, where the mayoral office, the really tall building that pokes above the clouds, and all of the other stores and shops that are in the town . This is a Mafia controlled area. Populated by anyone who wants to make a quick buck.
  • Raving: The Surrounding Area of the city, populated by hicks and anyone who enjoys the overlook of the city. Held by the Ed's and the old Kanker Gang.
  • Johnson: A Casino and Hotel polluted area, populated by the rich and powerful, all the way to the scummy underbelly of the city. Held by the Cartel.
  • Harding: The Beachfront Properties, populated by the wealthy aristocrats. Houses the Town's various TV and radio stations.
  • The Slums: Populated by the poor, dirty, homeless, and the various street gangs of the city.
  • Algonquin 1, 2, and 3: The City's three military facilities where they test nukes underground, experiment on aliens, and develop new technology without the liberal media covering it all. I hope I don't get arrested for sharing this information. Shit! I've told too much!

Notable Political Parties, Politicians & Mayors[edit]

Political Parties[edit]

Notable Politicians[edit]


Colleges & Schools[edit]

The city has multiple colleges and schools, including a wide range of private schools in the town's central district. The town also has three major public high schools and elementary/middle schools located on the borders of each district. Each school mascot is based on one of the many famous cartoon characters prancing about the streets (Ex. Goofy).

Other Major Facilities[edit]

Located in the eastern portion of the town is the Maxwell State Penitentiary. The prison facility doubles as a major prison (which it contains prisoners from three surrounding counties) and an insane asylum for the slightly nervous, to the people who can't understand what they are saying.

In the outskirts of town, there is a KACC fuel military facility that supplies the Algonquin base complex. The facility is guarded by an approx. force of the entire capacity of Algonquin 1.

Lastly, there is an airport in the lower portion of the city. Various flights to other cities include flights to Vice City, Liberty City, Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro, Carcer City, and multiple other U.S. and foreign cities.

Hospitals, Police Stations, & Fire Depots[edit]

There is a limit of one of each facility for each of the 5 districts.


  • Hommack: Hommack Memorial Hospital
  • Raving: James Bedford Clinic
  • Johnson: Harvey Clinic
  • Harding: Cartoon City Medical Research Labs
  • The Slums: Red Cross Cartoon City Chapter
  • Algonquin Bases: Medical Barracks
The Fire Depot in "The Slums".

Police Stations[edit]

  • Hommack: Hommack PD
  • Raving: Raving Police HQ
  • Johnson: FBI Offices
  • Harding: A State Police
  • The Slums: The Local Gangs
  • The Algonquin Bases: Personal Military Guards (Approach with caution)

Fire Depots[edit]

  • Hommack: Hommack VFD
  • Raving: CCFD Station I
  • Johnson: CCFD Station II
  • Harding: Harding VFD
  • The Slums: A Water Hose
  • Algonquin Bases: Military Fire Unit Barracks

Important Places[edit]

These are a few important places in the City:

  • The Big, Tall Building
  • Royal Casino Hotel
  • Bismark Hotel
  • Ma n' Pa's General Store
  • Mayor's Office
  • City Courthouse
  • Mountain Dew Factory
  • Big Shot Record's
  • K-RAP News

For a complete list, see our brochure / travel guide!

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