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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.


~ Oscar Wilde on Haxors

“fraking Haxors”

~ starbuck on haxors

“Haxors are a myth put out by the liberal elite to patronize and demean the working”

~ Haxor on Haxors

“Am I Cool enough to be a haxor?”

~ Meyler on haxors


Haxors are not people they are an elite crack squad of god know what. They dwell in the deepest darkest areas of everywhere ie:under your bed,in the shop behind the cereal and in that little space under you fridge were you lost that Oreo last week, So beware

Signs of haxors[edit]

when ever something bad happens its haxors, when you cant see because the sun is too bright, HAXORS.
when the contrast on your tv is that bit off, HAXORS.
when your walking down train tracks at 1 in the morning and you trip, HAXORS.
when your in the shop and your dont have enough money for Reeses cups™, Probably jews. BUT HAXOR JEWS.

How To Find Haxors[edit]

You cant!

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