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This is the converse (or would that be inverse?) of Category:Ideas; these articles have (or should have) the Template:NoIdea. This differs slightly from NRV and related deletion-worthy areas in that the topic merits something interesting, and it's already full of halfway decent (but not thoroughly entertaining) material. (An article like Uncyclopedia Brown, for example, would never get this template even if the content sucked somehow, because in having that particular title, it ipso facto has an idea. Whereas a lousy version of Encyclopedia Brown might merit the category). Due to their length, calling these articles "stubs" confuses the point.

Also: just because an article begins with the same definition as the "real thing" does not make it merit the template either. "Greedo is an alien in the Star Wars universe" isn't necessarily bad. But if there really is no definition whatsoever (like opening with the phrase "Greedo was created by God", making the assumption that we know who/what Greedo is), or has one that is sub-par. Essay-style approaches are often exceptions to the "no definition" rule, as they still count as "concepts". If its concept is identical to the real thing (Fish are a class of animals), the template probably doesn't apply (but still might).


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