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The Following Users are Members of The American Otaku Association (A.O.A. for short) and are dedicated to Japanese Related Humor. The articles in this category are not the Property of the A.O.A. (Nor do we claim them as Property because Uncyclopedia is Open to the public) and we hold no real power except that we Edit these articles heavily. On that note there is power in numbers.

In general as a group we are a Think Tank that edits articles as a group. This way we can be far more productive (and funny) than One lone user. Also our numbers (as they grow) will soon hold influence over The Order resulting in a higher rank for all of us and a higher likelihood of getting our Articles Featured.

The current AOA mascot is Timmy Tanaka the Amrican Otaku.

The Current Leader is Founder User:AyumiKitada Designation (Leader) or (LoTAOA), (I like to say Lolita)

second in Command is User:Chevy SK Designation (Commander) or (CoTAOA)

Current member levels: 9

(The Order of Uncyclopedia Will Probably Destroy us if we don't get higher numbers soon)