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Users that speak C++.

  • User does not understand this language: 10 PRINT "YUCK! LET'S KEEP THIS BASIC INSTEAD.":GOTO 10
  • User has basic, but not BASIC, understanding of this language: printf("Hello world!");
  • User has intermediate understanding of this language. Si, seƱor, habla C++;
  • User has advanced understanding of this language. BOFH.
  • User has near-native understanding of this language and should really get a life.
  • User is a native speaker of this language and is therefore most likely a robot.
  • User speaks this language with a thick accent. Please check your keyboard settings.
  • User learned this language in school, then became a plumber and never used it since.
  • User got an F in this language, probably because they aren't nerds.
  • User wants to remove all variants of the C language from existence, probably because they're a BASI or OBOL zealot.
  • User has a lisp that affects how they speak this language. Note that LISP is not C++ compatible.
  • User is a profane speaker of this language. set_cursor (")&$#@)([email protected]#!!!");
  • User only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language. Why would anyone do this?

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