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Adrian Carlo Ong is the President of people's Republic of the Philippines on year 2008. He build his own republic in the Philippines. He finish his Bachelor of science in Hotel and restaurant management in Far Eastern University . He is member of Communist party of china . He married Trish Stratus at October 9 2005 . He is a Chinese in mainland china who fight for communism in other countries . He become a light heavyweight champion in China martial arts in year june 1 2003. He become the cruiserweight champion in ring of honor in year march 2 2004 . He win the lightweight championship in year 2007 in sablayan occidental mindoro at world boxing federation . He is the owner of Ring Battle. He lives in Binondo Manila and he is from Xiamen China. He is FAR Eastern University school Ideology. He join wil time big time at December 2 2011 . He win the award at Torque and Cherry Mobile. He is the founder of workers party of the Philippines .He win in a dog contest with his dog Labrador Retriever.He is a communist.Because of being famous and powerful he build his own society and republic.