Cayman Islands

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""2nd Cuba""
Argentinean flag.JPG
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: Down with Dominica
Anthem: Same as Cuban
Capital Spamville
Largest city Havana
Official languages Jibbirish and Haitian.
Government The Lot
President Fidel Castro
Area 12.3 3/8imetres (approx 4cm²)
Population 3,103,332
Currency Cigars
Time zone Southern
Internet TLD .ci
Calling code 123

The Cayman Islands are a small group of islands off the coast of Texas, they are a dependency of Cuba. There are 3 islands, one is to the west and one is to the east. The other is so small its barely inhabited by anything. They are under control by Fidel Castro (president of Cuba) but the east side always rebel against him saying “they give us cheap cigars from Dominica." These outbursts have caused many outbursts and led to a number of wars. Unlike other cruise ship ports, it is unusual for beggars to offer you marijuana there, although you can take a boat out to a sand bar where you can step on stingrays.


The Cayman Islands were first found by and Argentinean explorer named Pablo Shanzez. He first landed there sometime in the 1980's. As he landed the British invaded the Falkland Islands. The Argentinean government quickly set up a colony and created an airbase and huge radar dish to spy on the US.

After the war ended the Argentineans still stayed and spied on the US. Then on the 12th of November 1991 Cuban forces invaded the Cayman Islands, because the Cayman Islands had tobacco and radars to spy on America. 100 Argentina soldiers were killed and 15 Cubans were killed. The island was completely taken over by a few weeks and the Argentines evacuated but kept of west island were they installed SILOS to fire on America and possibly Cuba. Hence the Cayman Islands have an Argentinian flag.

The citizens of the Cayman Islands were split into two, the ones who supported the Argentines and the ones that supported the Cubans.


The only sources of income for the Cayman Islands are from money laundering and charging cruise ship tourists $60 to step on stingrays. They charge you $80 if you want your $60 stingray fee laundered. Cayman Islands main export is Tobacco, Cigars and banana cake, precisely why the Cubans invaded. They greatest import is Military hardware. Because the Cubans are preparing for an invasion of the Cayman Islands. George Bush said, “on the war on terror we must invade the Cayman Islands and take the cigars, I mean capture Osama Bin Laden." The Western island has come under no threat and the US probably don’t realize the Argentines are sending U2 spy planes to spy on America and sending fighters to bomb Miami.


  • The Cayman Islands is the only country in the world to have adopted it's name from it's national greeting - "Kay, Man?"
  • Is the only place where John Cena would huff a kitten.
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