Celebrity Deathmatch/Season6

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Episode Fight Featuring Winner Cause of Death
The Video Games Of The Unknown PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Playstation 3: Someone dropped it.
Claude Speed vs. Tommy Vercetti Tommy Vercetti Claude Speed: After 3 failed attempts (which includes Claude releasing his middle finger at Tommy Vercetti, causing to slice Claude's middle finger off with a screwdriver, and using sign language as identity crisis), Tommy then shoots his head like a melon with an M4 assault rifle.
Captain Qwark vs. Dr. Nefarious Ratchet and Clank (as audience guest members) Captain Qwark Dr. Nefarious: Captain Qwark taunts him so hard, he accidentaly went over-stressed to cause his head to overload and explode.
Fictional Charcters vs. Real Life Characters Congressman Alex Shrub vs. Pastor Richards Pastor Richards Congressman Alex SHrub: Pastor Richards shoves a bible down to his throat, choking him to death.
Ray Liotta vs. Tom Sizemore Ray Liotta Tom Sizemore: Head and torso sawed off by a chainsaw.
Officer Tanner vs. T.K. Officer Tanner T.K.: Is shot in the head by a handgun held by Officer Tanner continously until his entire head is filled with bullet holes.
Monster Mayhem! Green Goblin vs. The Joker Batman and Spider-Man Batman and Spider-Man The Joker: (Accidental suicide) Accidentally swallowed too much laughing gas, causing to laugh very hard. His laughter was so extreme, his head explodes like a party balloon.

Green Goblin: Spider-Man used spiderwebs to tie up Green Goblin's hand (Green Goblin was holding his grenade). The explosion of Green Goblin's grenade causes him to blow up into bloody pieces.

Zombie The Great White Shark vs. Zombie Alligator No Winner Both zombies were found decomposed underneath the ring. One of the audience members tells the referee that both of the zombies were mean't to be decomposed and dead. Many audience members does'nt seem to know why the zombies have life spans.
Trogdor The Burninator vs. Xiao Xiao Strong Bad Trogdor The Burninator Xiao Xiao: Burnt to ashes by Trogdor's special attack, known as Napalm Strike.

many audience members does'nt seem to figure out how obtained his special ability. Therefore, Strong Bad tells the audience that he created his ability by his own powers.

Battle Of The Undead Rob Zombie vs. Joe Zombie Joe Zombie Joe Zombie: Neck snapped by Rob Zombie. he recovers, however.

Rob Zombie: Face ripped off by Joe Zombie, then he eats his brain.

Zombie Bigfoot vs. Zombie Godzilla Joe Zombie (as an audience member, inside a cage) Zombie Godzilla Zombie Bigfoot: Melted by Gozilla's acid breath.
Stubbs The Zombie vs. Cryptosporidium-137 Cryptosporidium-137 Stubbs The Zombie: Brain extracted by an anal probe used by Cryptosporidium-137.
What happened to Joe Zombie? Ratchet vs. James Bond Clank Ratchet James Bond: Turned into a chicken by a "Morph-O-Ray" used by Ratchet and finally destroyed by Ratchet's Omniwrench 8000.
Phil Cassidy vs. Paul Phoenix Paul Phenix Phil Cassidy: He accidentaly drank a bottle of booze (which wa made out of boomshine) and is literally drunk. Due to complete blindness, he steals a car from an unsuspecting driver and hits a tree. The tree falls on top of the car, crushing Phil Cassidy. (Does not actually die)
Toni Cipriani vs. Tony Montana Joe Zombie Toni Cipriani Several Audience Members: Were brutally attacked by Joe Zombie.

Tony Montana: Half of his skull is sliced off by a katana held by Toni Cipriani.

During the fight, Joe Zombie is then caught by Anti-Zombie squad and send him to planet Uranus.

Lil' People vs. Big People Lil' Bow Wow vs. Bigfoot Lil' Scrappy Lil' Bow Wow and Lil' Scrappy Bigfoot: Arms pulled off by Lil' Bow Wow and Lil' Scrappy, then impaled through the brain.
Lil' Jon vs. Goliath David Lil' Jon David and Goliath: Accidentaly drank Lil' Jon's posion crunk juice, causing their bodies to turn purple, crumbling to dust.
Lil' Flip vs. Big Bertha Lil' Flip Big Bertha: Exploded by an RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) held by Lil' Flip, causing debris to fly all over it.
Video Game Vengeance: 2007 Collaboration Mayhem Victor Vance vs. Shadow the Hedgehog Lance Vance Victor Vance and Lance Vance Shadow the Hedgehog: Lance Vance is holding him hard, told by Victor Vance. Victor Vance then opens up a whopping 25 lbs. of cocaine shoves Shadow's nose. Shadwo is then forced to sniff his cocain up to 35 minutes. The death occurs off-screen, but Shadow became extremely high on cocaine. His eyes were completely red and is lying motionless onto the ring, now shown afterwards. (Does not actually die)
Amy Rose vs. Tommy Vercetti Sonny Forelli Amy Rose Sonny Forelli: Head bashed to death by Tommy's "Tooled-Up!" hammer.

Tommy Vercetti: His Tooled-Up!" hammer is no match for Amy's "Piko-Piko" hammer, so Tommy Vercetti attempts to break her hammer, but his hammer breaks due to the fact that it does not have enough strength. Tommy again attempts to insult Amy's boyfriend. She becomes enraged and vigorously runs after Tommy Vercetti. Tommy frantically runs, but then is caught by Amy, and hammers his torso with her "Piko-Piko" hammer, causing Tommy's torso to have a huge gaping hole. (does not actually die)

Jak and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank Captain Qwark (watching his TV inside his apartment) Jak and Daxter No Deaths: Both were pushed into the portal, and was teleportedinto Ratchet's planet before Clank's crash landing.
Japanese Fictional Characters Vs. American Fictional Characters Carl "CJ" Johnson vs. Rabbid Carl "CJ" Johnson Rabbid: (Aciddental suicide) Accidentaly wields a bomb (which was lit), causing him to blow up.
Amy Rose vs. Stewie Griffin Stewie Griffin Amy Rose: Blasted by Stewies Ray Gun.
Mazda Miata vs. Dodge SRT-4 Dodge SRT-4 Mazda Miata: Attempts to drive onto a narrow road, but was ended up stuck, before leaving the alley, damaging both doors, and was stalled afterwards.
Superhumans Unite! Tom Hanks vs. Tom Fulp Tom Hanks Tom Fulp: His Newgrounds crews were by Tom Hanks and his tongue and remains were completely pulled out of his body.
Wolverine vs. His Old Boots Wolverine

His Old Boots: Sliced and diced by Wolverine's claws.

Ronald McDonald vs. The Burger King The Burger King Ronald McDonald: (Accidental suicide) Ate 50 Big Macs in a row, causing him to gain an outstanding 1,200 lbs. His remains and stomach burst out of his body, killing him instantly.
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto Who Knows vs. You Know You Know Who Knows: Oh, you know....
IMDB.com User vs. TV.com User Gamespot.com User Gamespot.com User IMDB.com User: DVD's were thrown into his throat.

TV.com User: TV was smashed on top of his head.

Mr. Robot vs. Mr. Roboto Bender Bender Mr. Robot: Melted by Mr. Roboto's laser vision.

Mr. Roboto: Torn in half by Bender.

The Name Game Jim Carrey vs. Drew Carrey Drew Carrey Jim Carrey: Head blown off by a shotgun.
Tiger Woods vs. James Woods Tiger Woods James Woods: Gold Club impaled through the torso.
Gordon Freeman vs. Morgan Freeman The G-Man Gordon Freeman and The G-Man Morgan Freeman: Beat up by Gordon's Crowbar, then teleported to Xen by the G-Man where he would be killed by the aliens.
Freaky Ficticious Frenzy Sergeant Cortez vs. Master Chief Chef Sergeant Cortez and Chef Master Chief: Ripped in half by Sargeant Cortez.
Uther the Lightbringer vs. Arthas Menethil Siegfried Schtauffen Siegfried Schtauffen Arthas Menethil: Chainsaw impaled through the head.
Uther the Lightbringer vs. Siegfried Schtauffen Phil Donahue Uther the Lightbringer No Deaths: Uther made a lawsuit against Siegfried, disqualifying Siegfried isntantly.
Mortal Enemies Johnny Cage vs. Johnny Knoxville Johnny Cage Johnny Knoxville: Ribs completely kicked out by Johnny Cage.
Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero Saleen S7 Saleen S7 Sub-Zero: Burned to a crisp by Scorpion's fiery breath.

Scorpion: His flesh was dissolved by Saleen S7's engine radiator fluid.

Reptile vs. Steve Irwin Reptile Steve Irwin: Gets a closer look at Reptile, but his eyes were gouged by Reptile, then his body was folded like a magazine.
What did Amy do? User: vs. Barney the Dinosaur Elmo Elmo User: Penis chopped off by an axe held by Elmo.

Barney the Dinosaur: Stomach cut open by a butcher knife held by Elmo, causing his remains to fall off. Elmo takes his remains to use it as spaghettis to feed his mafias.

Shrek vs. Pac-Man Shrek Popcorn Seller: Accidentally ate Shrek's cotton candy (which was poisonous), causing his body to combust.

Pac-Man: Body slammed by Shrek, then was sent into oblivion.

Blaze the Cat vs. Amy Rose Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat: Humped by Silver the Hedgehog and died of Hedeghog AIDS.
Food, Rock, and n00bs Hot Pocket vs. Hairy Taco Homer Simpson and Carlos Mencia Homer Simpson and Carlos Mencia Hot Pocket: Eaten by Homer Simpson.

Hairy Taco: Eaten by Carlos Mencia.

Nikki Sixx vs. Hellogoodbye Nikki Sixx Hellogoodbye: Skin melted off by Nikki Sixx's pure metal sound.
Bob the Generic n00b vs. User:The vader hybrid Carlos Mencia and Homer Simpson Homer Simpson and User:The vader hybrid Bob the Generic n00b: Eaten alive by Carlos Mencia.

Carlos Mencia: Savagely beaten by Homer Simpson.

Tommy Vercetti Returns Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Jack Thompson PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii Arnold Schwarzenegger, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii Jack Thompson: All 3 controllers (controlled by PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii) strangles his neck, then Arnold impales his throat with a police badge.
Venom vs. Spider-Man Spider-Man Random Audience Member: Eaten by Venom.

Venom: Exploded due to the high-pitching sound waves coming from the speakers.

Rouge the Bat vs. Tommy Vercetti Tommy Vercetti Rouge the Bat: Raped very hard by Tommy Vercetti (Tommy Vercetti thinks she is a chick).
When Obesed Sumos Attack! Fat Joe vs. Fat Albert Fat Joe Fat Albert: Forced to swallow a 300,000 lbs. steak, causing him to gain an outstanding 8,000 lbs. and explode into giant pieces.
Fat Kid vs. Phat Car Phat Pimp Phat Car and Phat Pimp Fat Kid: Torso crushed by Phat Car's Phat Tires controlled by Phat Pimp.
Fat Girl vs. Fat Momma Fat Momma Fat Girl: Insides were pulled out.
Extremely Creepy People Battle Somewhat Normal People Captain Howdy vs. Ryu Bill Cosby Captain Howdy Ryu: Suffered massive heart attack upon seeing Captain Howdy in an Internet screamer, shown on a computer some twit threw into the ring.
Marquis de Sade vs. Michael Stipe Berries And Cream Guy Michael Stipe Marquis de Sade: Transformed into a shiny happy person. Stipe then stabs de Sade in the stomach repeatedly with a jagged knife.
Voldo vs. Hank Hill Calypso Hank Hill and Calypso Voldo: Went completely blind on account of seeing Hank's narrow urethra. Hank grabs Voldo by surprise and then electrocutes him to death.
Video Game Vengeance: The Legend of Lord PlayStation Liu Kang vs. Raiden PlayStation 3 (appeared throughout the fights, and as a special guest announcer) Raiden Liu Kang: Electrocuted to ashes by Raiden's powers.
Crash Bandicoot vs. Spyro The Dragon God Spyro the Dragon God: No evidence that he died. He was pushed into the portal by Spyro The Dragon.

Crash Bandicoot: Crushed by a 75 ton crate.

Shigeru Miyamoto vs. Haitian Gangs (from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) Shigeru Miyamoto Haitian Gangs: Due to their poor catchphrase, they were impaled by Link's arrows thrown by Shigeru Miyamoto.
Cartoons Are Not Painful Bender vs. Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Wiener Bender Oscar Mayer: Body parts bended by Bender.
Hovercraft vs. Hover Car Hovercraft Hover Car: Submerged into the ocean after attempting to push the Hovercraft into the ocean.
Mickey Mouse vs. Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Squarepants Mickey Mouse: Suffocated to death after Spongebob vicegrips him with his sponge powers.
Capcom Characters Attack! Mega Man vs. Sega Man Mega Man Sega Man: Dreamcast.
Dante vs. Viewtiful Joe Dante Viewtiful Joe: Sent flying into the air and then shot repeatedly.
Ryu vs Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright Ryu:(Doesnt Die) Ryu hit Phoenix before the fight, and he took Ryu to the courts. Phoenix Wright won the case and Ryu was sent to jail.
Food, Rock, and n00bs II Taco Bell Monster vs. Flying Spaghetti Monster Flying Spaghetti Monster Taco Bell Monster: Ripped in half by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Corey Taylor vs. Justin Timberlake No Winner Corey Taylor: Exessive blood loss when he cuts off his own wrists. Stupid emo wrist cutter.

Justin Timberlake: Slips on the blood on the floor, and cracks his head.

King N00bert vs. Darth Vader Darth Vader King N00bert: Darth Vader threw his lightsaber and cut off his head.
Stephen Colbert Fight Night II Stephen Colbert vs. The Punisher Stephen Colbert The Punisher: Stephen Colbert ripped out The Punisher's eyes and then stole his machine gun and shot him.
Stephen Colbert vs. Goku Prince Vegeta Stephen Colbert and Prince Vegeta Goku: Was hit from a blast by Prince Vegeta through the stomach that had a power level of Over 9000.
Stephen Colbert vs. Adam Sandler Prince Vegeta Stephen Colbert Prince Vegeta: Adam Sandler does a Happy Gilmore drive on his head and decapitates him.

Adam Sandler: Stephen Colbert takes The Punishers machine gun, shoves it down his throat and unloads the clip.

Memorial Day Fight Stephen Colbert vs. Stephen King Stephen Colbert Stephen King: Stabbed through the head by daggers.
Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin (Rematch) Toni Cipriani and Stephen Colbert Toni Cipriani Stephen Colbert: Throat slit open by a knife held by Toni Cipriani. (Does not actually die)

Peter Griffin: Homer shoves a hose inside Peter's mouth and forces him to swallow liquids from alcohol. Peter then explodes. Homer Simpson: Ran over by a delivery truck driven by Toni Cipriani.

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Silver the Hedgehog Tommy Vercetti Tommy Vercetti Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hegdehog: Thrown into the black hole and ripped apart by the vaccuum suction.
Pop Rocks? N Sync vs. New Kids on the Block MAD TV Writer (Audience Member) N Sync New Kids on the Block: Torn to pieces by N Sync. (Although New Kids on the Block did get in at least two hits.)

MAD TV Writer: Was also torn to shreds by N Sync when he called them N Stink.

Duran Duran vs. Backstreet Boys Duran Duran Backstreet Boys: Eaten alive when the Duran Duran members turned into werewolves and ate them because they were "Hungry like the Werewolf"
The Duran Duran Werewolves vs. Michael Jackson Van Helsing and Random Audience Members Van Helsing Michael Jackson: One Werewolf grab him by the arms and one by the legs and they ripped him in half.

Random Audience Members: Eaten or mauled by the Duran Duarn Werewolves.

The Duran Duran Werewolves: Shot in the hearts with silver bullets by Van Helsing.

Super Tight Finale Harry Potter vs. Cyclops Harry Potter Cyclops: Impaled through the eye by Harry's wand.
Christian Bale (debugged version) vs. Christian Cage Christian Christian Bale (debugged version) Christian: Deflated like a balloon by after Christian goes completely insane by running around at a massive speed.

Christian Cage: Beaten to death like a punching bag by Christian Bale's crazy debug attacks.

Carl "CJ" Johnson vs. Shrek vs. Tails vs. Luigi Mario Carl "CJ" Johnson Shrek: Shot in the stomach bu a minigun held by Carl "CJ" Johnson.

Tails: Mario and Luigi throws him off the ring and he got impaled on a pole.