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Episode Fight Featuring Winner Cause of Death
The Beggining Of The Deathmatch Steven Spielberg vs. Stephen Colbert E.T. Steven Colbert Steven Spielberg: No evidence that he died. When E.T. saw that he was in danger, he warped Spielberg to his home planet.

E.T.: Head and most of his neck was ripped off by Stephen Colbert.

PlayStation 2 vs. GameCube PlayStation 2 GameCube: Inner workings were carved out and sold as a fashionable lunchbox.
R. Kelly vs. Kelly Clarkson Kelly Osbourne No Winner R. Kelly: (Doesn't Die) Saw a 14 year old in the audience and attempted to take her backstage, but the police intervened and arrested him.

Kelly Clarkson: Was accused of being fat and died of humiliation.

Kelly Osbourne: She started to sing but since no one likes Kelly Osbournes' music, the audience pelted her with garbage. So much in fact that she suffocated in a big pile of it.

Stephen Colbert Fight Night IV: Caught In The Loser Pit Stephen Colbert vs. David Spade Stephen Colbert David Spade: Stephen impaled him through the stomach with an American flag pole.
Stephen Colbert vs. Bob Saget John Stamos Stephen Colbert and John Stamos Bob Saget: Stephen took John's hair gel and squeezed it down Bob Saget's throat, causing Bob to be poisned and he threw up involuntarily until death.
Stephen Colbert vs. Rob Schneider User: Stephen Colbert Rob Schneider: Stephen took Captain America's shield, threw it and decapitated Schneider.

User: While stupidly cheering for Rob Schneider, ("You can do it!") he wasn't paying attention to see that after the shield decapitated Scheinder, it bounced off a turnbuckle, and it cut him in half.

What Ever Happened To Tommy Vercetti? PlayStation 3 vs. Stephen Colbert No Winner PlayStation 3 had to confess Stephen Colbert why it stole many valuable Xbox 360 games illegaly. No Deaths
Gordon Freeman vs. Randy Orton Gordon Freeman Randy Orton: Slaughters him to death with his crowbar.
Shadow the Hedgehog (revived by Sonic) vs. Master Chief Tommy Vercetti (as a guest referee, mentally insane) Shadow the Hedgehog Master Chief: Shadow uses Chaos Control at Master Chief, causing time to freeze for a while. Shadow repeatedly stabs Master Chief's chest with Chief's own leg after ripping it off. When the Chaos Control expires, Master Chief dies. Shadow declares to him that "He is not worthy to fight me."

At the end of the fight, Tommy was found missing. Shadow informed them that he was taken to a rehab facility to put an end to his nonsense.

A Very Special Episode, From Inside The Mind Of (As Portrayed By The vader hybrid) Predator vs. A Christmas Tree Predator Christmas Tree: Predator just barely touched the Christmas tree with his flamethrower. This causes the fire to spread rapidly, charring the tree and ruining it.
King Kong vs. Godzilla Freddy Krueger King Kong Godzilla: Punched by King Kong once in the face. Bij.
Keanu Reeves vs. Neo Ted and That Guy From Speed Neo Keanu Reeves, Ted, and That Guy From Speed: Shot down by Neo.

Hi. The vader hybrid here, to tell this user that this episode was to make you look like a dumbass. Please, if you are going to make an episode, make it worthwhile and intelligent and please correct your grammar. Thank You. Bye.

Creature Discomforts II Mime vs. Clown Mime Clown: Trapped inside an invisible box and suffocated.
Optimus Prime vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man No Winner Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: Blasted into goo by Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime: Stay Puft's goo got all over his cannon, causing it to malfunction and explode.

Gumby vs. Crocodile with crocodiles for limbs Gumby Crocodile with crocodiles for limbs: Crushed by falling Optimus Prime peices.
Random Rapper's Delight Akon vs. LL Cool J Random Audience Member LL Cool J Random Audience Member: Brought into the arena by Akon then, thrown out by Akon.

Akon: Two microphones stabbed into his head.

Xzibit vs. Snoop Dogg Xzibit Snoop Dogg: Melted by the acid drizzle.
MC Hammer vs. Eminem MC Hammer Eminem: Spinal cord cracked with a giant hammer.
The Early 40's War Battle Stephen Colbert vs. 10 Flying Saucers Jon Stewart No Winner Jon Stewart: The aliens abduct him and run away to perform genetic experiments on him.
5 Nazis vs. 5 Ninjas Alien Jon Stewart Alien Jon Stewart 2 Ninjas: Filled with bullets via a machine gun by a Nazi.

A Nazi: A Ninja threw seven ninja stars into his face.

3 Nazis: Crushed in Alien Jon Stewarts giant lobster claw hand.

2 Ninjas: Burned to death by Alien Jon Stewarts firey breath.

A Nazi: Impaled throught the stomach with a sword by a ninja.

A Ninja: Melted by Alien Jon Stewart's eye laser beams.

Stephen Colbert vs. Alien Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert Alien Jon Stewart:(Doesnt Die, Well The Alien Part Does) Stephen rips off his giant lobster claw arm and beats him in the head and knocks him out. Scientists study Alien Jon Stewart and reverse the effects and he is turned back to normal.
Mystical Deathmatch Samuel L. Jackson vs. Black Jesus Micheal Jackson Samuel L. Jackson Micheal Jackson: No evidence that he died. He raped all the little kids and then passes out, falling into the lake.

Black Jesus: Turned into chocolate after falling into a chocolate lake.

Mario and Luigi vs. Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog Mario Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Luigi Sonic the Hedgehog: Internal organs pulled out of his anus by Mario's plunger.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Torn apart by fan girls.

Strong Bad vs. Strong Sad vs. Strong Mad (Rematch) Strong Bad Strong Sad: (Accidental suicide) He cried very hard for 64 minutes and his eyes exploded, killing him.

Strong Mad: Head punched out by brass boxing gloves used by Strong Bad.

Just Super II Sephiroth vs. Sephiroth ... Sephiroth Sephiroth ...: Turns out that Sephiroth ... was just a nerdy fan boy in disquise. Sephiroth cut him up a'la Black Knight style and defeated him easily.
Ghost Rider vs. Spawn Ghost Rider Spawn: Ghost Rider wrapped chains around Spawn's neck, then tied the other ends on his motorcycle. He then drove off, removing Spawn's head
Silver Surfer vs. Fantastic Four Dr. Doom and the entire audience. No one( No one wins if you're forced to watched Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer) The Entire Audience: Eyes bleed or suffered some form of brain damage.
Food, Rock, and n00bs V Apple vs. Banana Apple Banana: The apple rolled over and squished it.
Dee Snider vs. Scott Ian Scott Ian Dee Snider: Scotts "axe" guitar inserted into the top of his skull.
Carlton Banks vs. Steve Urkel Steve Urkel Carlton Banks: Head was caught and crushed in between Steve's accordion while Steve was playing it.

Steve Urkel: Accidently tripped over his own two feet and fell into a pit of alligators and was eaten alive.

Just Super III Thor vs. Dr. Doom Stephen Colbert and Captain America Thor Stetphen Colbert: (Does'nt die) Captain America gave him superhero powers to turn him into "Ultimate Stephen Colbert".

Dr. Doom: Electrocuted by Thor's thunder hammer, then he becomes mentally insane.

Batman vs. Ultimate Stephen Colbert Ultimate Stephen Colbert Batman: Neck bitten by a vampire bat, causing him to pass out. (Does not actually die)
Sandman vs. Dig Dug Heroes Sandman Dig Dug Heroes: Sandman took away all of the sand terrains, causing the Dig Dugs to fall into the Earth's core and burning their pixelated skins to the binary codes.
Battle Of The Best Song Writer Elton John vs. Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder Elton John: He felt bad about fighting a blind guy, so he ripped his own arms off. Stevie then took Elton's arms and used them to beat him to death with.
John Mellencamp vs. Billy Joel Stevie Wonder (Accidently wanders into the fight) John Mellencamp Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder: Mauled by John Mellencamp's cougar.
John Lennon vs. Kurt Cobain Courtney Love John Lennon Kurt Cobain: Shot through the head with a shotgun by Courtney Love.

Courtney Love: Crushed by John Lennon's piano.

Video Game Vengance 5000 (Please, User who posted this, shorten down the cause of death) Link (The Legend of Zelda) vs. Cloud Strife Link (The Legend of Zelda) Cloud Strife: His Buster Sword gives him scoliosis after he raises it up in the air, immobilizing him. Link leaps into the air off of the turnbuckle and stabs Cloud in the heart.
Leon S. Kennedy vs. Albert Wesker Ada Wong Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong Albert Wesker: The moment it looks like Wesker is going to finish Leon off, Ada fires a syringe out of a blow-dart gun( which contained a stolen sample of the T-Virus) and infects Wesker by injecting the virus into his bloodstream. (For those who don't know, the T-Virus is what zombified the people in the Resident Evil games) Leon gets out his shotgun and blasts Wesker's head off.
Kratos vs. Master Chief Bill Gates Master Chief Kratos: Since Bill Gates created Microsoft, who in turn created Master Chief, he knew how to aid Master Chief in the fight. Gates uses hacking techniques to give Master Chief the strongest weapons in the Halo games. Unforntuneately, Gates is sliced to ribbons by Kratos's Blades of Chaos. As soon as Master Chief has Kratos in his sights, he uses the weapons Bill Gates gave him to completely obliterate Kratos, leaving nothing but empty ammo clips and a smoldering pile of ash on the ring.

Bill Gates: Cut to ribbons by Kratos's Blades of Chaos.

This is User: Link 486 of Wikipedia. I am informing you all the User talk: is a dumbass... wait, you already knew that? Anyway, that's not what I wanted to say. What I was going to say is that VIDEO GAME VENGEANCE 5000 IS NOT AN ORIGINAL WORK! I WROTE THOSE FIGHTS; SOMEONE JUST COPIED THEM FROM A WIKIPEDIA TALK PAGE! WHOEVER DID THIS SHOULD PLEASE SPEAK... NOW!

Project Vader Hybrid Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde No Winner (Fight was impossible to accomplish, since *SPOLIER ALERT* Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde) No Deaths
Tommy Vercetti vs.Tommy Lee (revived) Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Tommy Vercetti: No evidence that he died. While Tommy Vercetti was distracted by Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee used his drumsticks and pounded on Vercetti so fast and so furious, his polygons dispersed across the world.
Sherlock Holmes vs. Carmen Sandiego Hellboy and Dick Cheney Sherlock Holmes Carmen Sandiego: (Doesn't Die) Failed to show up for the fight. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Dick Cheney: Hellboy was pissed off that the episode ended without anyone dying, so he grabbed the nearest person, who happened to be Dick Cheney. Using his Right Hand of Doom, he delivered an uppercut which knocked off Cheney's head and spinal cord.

Sherlock Holmes is currently working on finding Tommy Vercetti's polygons.

Project Vader Hybrid II User: (revived again) vs. User:The vader hybrid Eric Fogel (Creater of the real Celebrity DeathMatch) User:The vader hybrid and Eric Fogel User: : Eric Fogel stormed the arena when he learned that was ripping off his material and taking it as his own. So, Eric sued him for all that he had ($5.62). When that didn't work, the vader hybrid smashed 81 whats his face in one of Erics lawyers briefcase.
Gnome vs. Leprechaun Leprechaun Gnome: Petrified and turned into a hideous lawn decoration.
Trogdor vs. Ultimate Stephen Colbert Strong Bad (as a guest referee) Stephen Colbert Trogdor: Ultimate Stephen Colbert rips off Trogdor's big beefy arm and shoved down his throat. Trogdor then burninates his own arm to allow himself to breathe. Strong Bad got worried and called a retreat.

Ultimate Stephen Colbert: While Trogdor ran away, Ultimate Stephen Colbert was already cheering to the audience. This gave Strong Bad a perfect opportunity to take away his shield and reverting him to normal.

Grand Theft Deathmatch Carl "CJ" Johnson vs. Woody Woodpecker Toni Cipriani Carl "CJ" Johnson Woody Woodpecker: Carl makes him peck a barrel filled with flammable gasoline. Then Carl lits the matchsitck and puts it on Woody's beak (which was covered in gasoline), incinerating him.
Toni Cipriani vs. E-102 Gamma Toni Cipriani E-102 Gamma: Devices malfunctioned when Toni pulled his wires out of his body.
Master Chief vs. Yoshimitsu Sherlock Holmes Master Chief Yoshimitsu: Master Chief steals his sword and slices his head off like a light saber, then stabbing his entire body until his entire body is festered with holes.
Food, Rock and n00bs VI Subway Employee vs. Quiznos Employee Quiznos Employee Subway Employee: Sent through a Quiznos sub toaster on high.
Brian Johnson vs. Billie Joe Armstrong Angus Young Brian Johnson and Angus Young Bille Joe Armstrong: Kicked into the lights by Angus Youngs famous duck walk.
Noob Saibot vs. User: Noob Saibot User: Noob Saibot said something orginal,'s mind couldn't comprehend this and his head exploded.
Tommy Vercetti Is Missing Pt.1 (Season Finale) Mark Twain vs. Albert Einstein Sherlock Holmes (appears throughout the fight) Albert Einstein Mark Twain: His 100 year old brain crubles to dust, so Albert uses scientific knowledge to bring him back. Instead, his torso and head was twisted and broke open by Albert's reverse psychology.
Stephen Colbert vs. Bob Marley Stephen Colbert Bob Marley: (Does'nt Die) Was pushed inside the plane and was taken to Jamaica.
Scooby-Doo vs. The Phantom The Phantom Scooby-Doo: Was scared to death, causing him to have a heart attack after The Phantom surprises him inside the closet.

Sherlock Holmes discovers one of Tommy's polygons, and Sherlock Holmes tells them that Tommy Vercetti is'nt dead, but was found missing in Vice City. The search continues.