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Channel 31 is a Melbourne (Australia) community/public access station started in 1993. They broadcast some great TV programming that will be seen by a total of 5 viewers, such as Champagne Comedy & a lot of lame shit that should be against the law for ever putting something so fucking crap on TV such as The Comic Box who wouldn't know what comedy was if it rented space up their arse. Even tho they are paying for it themselves to be broadcast, they really do both suck and blow to extraordinary magnitudes not seen since the days of Bert Newton's "New Faces" hour.!


Channel 31 bring you 24/7 broadcasting displeasure each day jam packed with boring shows and losers you will not want to watch. The only successful program ever to be shown on it was the Emmey-Award winning "Fish Cam", and "Champagne comedy" when Chris Franklin is on. Not that douchbag who does a joke about the hole in the bucket or that faggot Matt who produced the show.

Fish Cam[edit]

Live broadcast recording of C-31 Fish Cam, Can you spot Waldo/Wally?

During the first 10 years of Channel 31, the station was not broadcasting 24/7, it went off air around midnight most nights, and unlike other stations that go off air and show test patterns, 31 showed a fish cam! It was a live feed of an aquarium tank that gave celebrity status to many a marine life.

Ratings for this broadcast skyrocketed and Channel 31 was beating out the SBS weather forecast to become the 3rd least watched program after midnight next to the Jay Leno show on Channel 10.

Viewers could enjoy a fish-tank cam on their televisions from around the hours of 12am to 11pm each day along with a soundtrack of local artists and talentless musicians who could pay a fee of 9 cents to have their unsuccessful albums played as back ground music to fish cam. Most viewers however muted the broadcast.

Fish Cam gave way to many controvertible moments, such as the shocking broadcast from 1am to 7:45pm 4 days later when Jerry The Goldfish was broadcast for days floating upside down, dead! This broadcast shocked viewers and several people, including women and children who witnessed the broadcast & had to receive on-going counseling.

The broadcast of that event put Fish Cam's future in jeopardy, and tho broadcasts where no longer sent out live, it was decommissioned by 1 old fart and the Fish Cam was pulled from air.

Fish Cam Lives On in Viewers Hearts on DVD[edit]


From Parcllub home movies comes all your favorite classic Fish Cam moments! Such as when the yellow fish swam past the blue one, when the gold fish was in his castle, and when the sad moment that shocking footage of the controversial death of Jerry is a hidden bonus feature, Glorious!!! Fully digitally restored with crystal clear waters surround sound, playable on any DVD player. And also available on VHS, Laser disc, commodore64 and when ordering ask about our free down-loadable backgrounds for your mobile/cell phone. You can purchase the "Tribute To Fish Cam" at all leading Channel 31 outlets and wherever good bootlegs are sold.


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Scene from "Flushing Nemo"
Image taken from the bonus feature "Where are they now?"

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