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Charleroi is an important industrial city in the south of Belgium. It is renowned because of its high crime figures. According to CNN, 92% of European drug traffic is passing through Charleroi. A recent survey by the leading European Mafia magazine "Cosa Nostra" revealed that 56 percent of European Mafia leaders prefer Charleroi as their Western European hiding place, Brussels taking second place with 44 percent.

Charleroi is also known as the birthplace of Marc Dutroux. Marc Dutroux (also called Marc Dutroux I) was killed tragically in a spectacular helicopter accident in the centre of the city. He was praised by local people because of his impressive criminal career. He robbed 350 banks and executed 110 underworld killings. His son Marc Dutroux II eventually became King of Belgium.

The city of Charleroi is also known because of its modern photography museum. Which is very funny, because there is hardly anything beautiful to photograph in Charleroi anyway, except for factory chimneys and downbeat people in the streets. The most famous Charleroi photographer was probably Marc Dutroux.