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Charles Pugh, Pimp and Broadcaster

Charles Pugh is a pimp, television newscaster, and weekend morning Co-Anchor on Minneapolis Minnesota's Fox affiliate, Foxy 2. He is a reporter, anchor, Mac Daddy, talk show host, commentator, player, radio personality. He is also the news director and off-air personality for FM 98 WJLB-- Minneapolis' #1 urban radio station. He hosts a popular Sunday evening live, call-in radio talk show called "That's What's Up with Charles Pugh and Serena D, Now What You Gonna Do About It??". He was born in the streets and raised in Detroit. Graduated with his GED from Murray-Wright High School in 1989. He also attended the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1993. He is starting Charles Pugh Productions-- a hip-hop production company for rap artists and hoes.

RUN, Fool!!! (He's got a Chainsaw!!)

Pugh is strongly considering leaving the news business to run for city council in 2009, but is not sure his girls can pull enough tricks to finance the campaign. A decision he says he'll make closer to 2009, after he slaps them around some more. Pugh is one of the few openly-gay pimps in America. He once stated, "You can't touch the mechandise if you expect to get top dollar!" Pugh is known for his smile, charm, attention-grabbing personality, and a mean left hook.

Early Television Career[edit]

Charles started his television career as a late night host of a low-budget horror show called RUN, Fool!!! (He's got a Chainsaw!!) His show was canceled in fall of 1989 after he cancelled the showing of "Blacula Meets Black Dracula" to show a 6 hour monatge of him pimpslapping his hoes. Surprisingly the outcry came not from viewers disgusted with his mistreatment of the women, but because his purple gators did not match the purple amethyst stones on his pimp cup or in his grill. Pugh has since apologized for the incident

Pimps his way into our Hearts[edit]

Hoe # 5 (Anita Mann) Mugshot taken March 12th, 2002

Following his graduation from college Pugh pimpslapped his way from selling meth to producers at the television station, to anchoring evening newscasts. He is known for his no nonsense reporting and "I will beat you" questioning style. He has impressed his colleauges by balancing a full time job as a news anchor with keeping his hoes in line and "gettin dat money." He ends every newscast with his famous line, "Remember Minneapolis, Daddy loves you..."


The early morning of March 12th, 2002 proved to be a pivotal time for Pugh when one of his girls (Anita Mann aka Hoe #5) was busted by the Minneapolis Police Department in front of the station, just before Pugh's late-night newscast was over. In the following months, Pugh faced strong criticism for his use of influence in the community to sway public opinion. The ensuing kangaroo court not only exonerated Pugh and Mann, but found them not guilty and excused all charges.