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“he was a good king, I guess.”

~ Jon Snow on Charles The Fat

“Charles was fat.”

~ Captain Obvious on Charles The Fat

“Never taller than me.”

~ Danny Devito on Charles The Fat

“He concentrated, He did, I love him”

~ Oscar Wilde on Charles The Fat
look at him, nice guy

Charles III also known as Charles The Fat was a King of The Carolingian dynasty who ruled over Francia and was a genius, he was the best guy and the second most awesome person evar with the first being Rick Astley.


he was the son of Louis The German and Hemma, he grew up to be the person you'd love and was admired.


he eventually became king of Francia and was cooler than GI Joe, and GI Joe was one of the coolest things EVAR, y'know, but this guy was cooler and better than you so shut up about him, he was cooler than his great grandfather, Charlemagne, this guy was one cool dude, he definitely was.


growing old, he became spineless and incompetent while still being a great king and role model, he soon died on 13 January 888.

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