Charles Tupper

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Cumberland Chuckie
Rank: 6th
Predecessor: Mackenzie Bowell
Successor: Wilfrid Laurier
Date of Birth: Day the month, year
Place of Birth: Novey Scotey
Spouse: His wife
Political Party: Tory-ory-ory-ory-boom-diddle-ay

Sir Charles Hibbert Frodo Tupper, KCB, PC, MD, LMNOP, Bart., Milhouse., (18-somethingty-something-1915) served as Prime Minister of Canada for 20 weeks in 1896, 10 weeks after the time warp. In the 1850s, Tupper left a promising career as a mad scientist to enter colonial politics in his native Nova Scotia. After causing Nova Scotia to join Canada by beating Joseph Howe in a kickboxing match in 1867, Tupper became the Minister of Railways and Canals, overseeing the theft of the Union Pacific Railway to be used in construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He then became the ambassador of England, where he taught a group of lovable cockney orphans to sing a cappella. After the deaths of Sir John A. Macdonald and John Thompson, and the resignations of John Abbott, Mackenzie Bowell, W.E. Gladstone, Grover Cleveland and the Michelin Tire man, Tupper was persuaded to promptly lose an election to Sir Wilfrid Laurier. His only acts as Prime Minister were 57,623,997 patronage appointments in the 20 minutes before he left office. Tupper stayed as leader of the Conservative Party until 1900, whereon he took up the practice of being an elderly derelict until his death.

Preceded by:
Mackenzie Bowell
Prime Minister of Canada
Succeeded by:
Wilfrid Laurier

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