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Chatkilla is a monster who uses to kill chats through incarnation and is considered one of the world's most dangerous and lethal beings. He first appeared on the famous chat between George W. Bush and Tony Blair, Taking over Bush's body and inforcing him to use the term Fucking Shit regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict, causing Blair and many television watchers to have a minor brain stroke (Bush was already having one). Since then, much like the infamous Jason X, Chatkilla has evolved into a much more sofisticated being and started to invade chatrooms and kill innocent IRC chats.

According to the legend, Chatkilla was created as a result of a sex act involving Bill Gates and Goa Tse, causing him to have strong nerdy qualities combined with a pr0ny attitude. His strongest weapon is his bad breath, a result of many years of oral sex abuse. It's also the main reason he switched to operate mostly in chatrooms, where he can kill chats in more sofisticated ways then just open his mouth.


Chatkilla was born to the gay Tse-Gates family in the small village of Nastydworf, Germany. He used to kill little cats as a child, and as he grew up he heard about kitten huffing. He soon discovered the wonders of the IRC channels and began sharping his chat-killing skills.

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