Chavs The Ultimate Way To Discover If Someone Is One

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Chavs The Ultimate Way To Discover If Someone Is One is your ULTIMATE guide to see if someone you know or love (God/allah/vishnu forbid) is a chav , if they are and they are your girlfriend/boyfriend dump them now for fuck sake.And if they are your mate give em a good kick to the privates till they swear they will wear normal clothes and stop stealign from asda's/tescos/ (god/allah/vishnu forbid) Netto's

Like The Idea Of This Guide? Then Read on.

Chav Clothes[edit]


The Best Way To Find Out If Someone Is To Look At What They Wear , An Example Of Such Clothing Is Show To Your Right (Texus Left) They Often Wear Burbury And/Or Track Suit/Shell suits / Tortoise Suits

Also They Wear What Is Reffered To As "BLING" This Is What Normal People , by That I Mean People With Atleast 14 Brain Cells, Jewellry. They Often Wear Fake "BLING" As most chavs are to poor to afford the folling metals.








Etc Etc.

Counter-Strike retail box This user is an Asian and probably lives at an internet cafe playing Ragnarok24-7.