Chicken Boo

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“In Soviet Russia, chickens boo YOU!!”


- Chicken Boo on Chicken Boo
Chicken Boo (background) guest staring on Bay Watch

"It's a giant chicken!"

- Innocent Bystander on Chicken Boo

A widely acclaimed thespian, Chicken Boo is known mostly for playing himself on the television series Animaniacs.

Chicken Boo came to the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) in 1993 with a script telling his life story, the Warners thought it so touching that they split it into a handful of short skits and let him act them out on their own series. Chicken Boo usually aired within the half hour, between Mr. Skull Head and Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Chicken Boo has also played minor parts on other WB series and specials as different minor charactors and various extras. Beyond the WB he has found work on both stage and screen, including the play Cats where he preformed as Brown Cat #3. He was recently cast to play the part of "The Mad Inventor" in Spy Kids 5: Freddy vs. Predator (pending title)

Although it has not been proven, it is strongly rumored that Chicken Boo has never been huffed