Children of Japan

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The children of Japan are a force of pure, unmitigated evil. They have no soul, and as a result, have an undying hunger for living flesh. However, they should not be confused with zombies. Zombies do not play Dance Dance revolution compulsively, and so are proportionally more intelligent. They are controlled by Japanese Emperors through constant watching of Anime, of which they may do for over a week at a time.

The children of Japan come in many flavours, from strawberry to kitten. The kitten flavoured ones cannot be huffed, as they have no soul to provide a high. This means that all Japanese are useless, and should be eaten by Communists. The most common quote from the children of Japan is "Kill Bush! Kill Bush!"

Finally, remember one important fact. All Japanes are venomous. The word "Kawaii" often mistaken for the word cute, actually means "Exterminate!". These venomous Dalek kin are nasty, vile fiends. Much like Oprah. So, kill all Japanese tourists on site. You have been warned…