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Chinballitis is a disease that can affect only men. The most famous person who has chinballitis is Napoleon Bonaparte, who appeared in the Maury Show with Maury Povich.

The disease[edit]

Chinballitis occurs only in men. There is a 2% chance that a man can get balls in his chin. Chinballitis happens when testicles form inside the chin during the latter stages of pregnancy. At birth, a small scrotum can be seen. As the body ages, the scrotum grows larger. In this case during puberty, pubic hair can grow on the scrotum and double as a beard. Eventually, the testicles can grow in the scrotum. The chinballs are connected to the penis via a long tube, but if you fap, then the chinballs get pleasured, with help of squeezing it.

Can it be teabagged?[edit]

Yes. Teabagging of the balls in the chin can cause oral sex demands.

What if I hurt my chin?[edit]

This is very serious. If someone hurts you by punching in the chin, it will hit the balls and you will have to live without fertility for the rest of your lives. Plus, it hurts real bad.

Famous people who have chinballs[edit]