Ching Chong Island

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Ching Chong Island
ChingchiongjISLAND.JPG The film poster for 1967's Ching Chong Island
Directed by Pat Mortia
Written by Benjamin Franklin
Starring Charlie Sheen, Don Johnson, Jason Alexander, David Letterman
Produced by James Dyslexia
Distributed by Orion Films
Release date November, 22, 1967
Runtime Three Hours
Language English/ Klingon / Hebrew / German
Budget $120 and 10 peanuts
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Ching Chong Island was an action film starring Charlie Sheen as a loose cannon Police man, and Don Johnson as not only Mr. Tofu, but also as Mrs. Tofu, Dan Jackson, and Jack Blackson. When this film was first released it caused lots of controversy as it contained scenes of human skulls being cracked open by bookends and also a fifteen minute gay sex scene with thirteen Indians. When Writing this Movie Ben Franklin was going through an experimental phase where everything he wrote was in ALL CAPS.


The Director Pat Mortia became friends with Ben Franklin at a Flintstones fanclub convention. The choice of using Jason Alexander as the Gate-keeper was completely coincidental as Jason came onto the set while there earlier gate-keeper scenes where being filmed with Eric Estrada then Eric said he couldn't be in the movie anymore because he had Whale cancer, so Jason replaced him. Unlike Eric Jason didn't need to wear the Dungeon master's makeup because Jason's face was already disfigured from an experiment with sharks earlier that month. The original film had an extra 20 minutes of the infamous rabbit murder scene but it was cut for theater use.


Seeing that Ching Chong Island was a kids movie it was considered very controversial, especially the fifteen minute scenes with gay sex. Also it is rumoured that the chanting in the song "Dance of the Firefly" is really subliminal backwords messages turning:

"Telle hella neha ohyo Chowa" into

"Rape Sharks times ten".

Although playing the song backwords does sound remarkably like "Rape Sharks times ten" but it has been misproven by many, including my Aunt Linda.


  • Jason Alexander changed his name officially to George Costanza right after completing this film.
  • During the Rabbit Murder scene over 200 Rabbits and 11 snakes died.
  • The Larry the snake man part of the film was originally going to be cut from the final product but was left in after Charlie Sheen threatened to quit.