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A tasty Chocolate Zim, wrapped in plastic and ready to eat!

Chocolate Zim is a tasty chocolate candy created by Chocolatier Willy Wonka, in the image of irken tyrant, Invader Zim, in 2007 to celebrate the de-throning of Invader Zim and Dr. Nefarious by Dib Membrane and his army. Willy Wonka created the first chocolate zim candy at the request of the media who though it would be a great gimmick to sell chocolates based on the villain that was overthrown. Ironically however, a chocolate Dr. Nefarious was never requested by anyone for Wonka to make. This has baffled him to this day.


After a chocolate Invader Zim was requested, Willy Wonka immediately went to his hidden fortress to begin manufacturing chocolates made in the image of Invader Zim. However, in his first batch of chocolate zim candies, there were some complications. What happened was this: Wonka thought that by adding some of Zim's DNA(which he found in a blood sample near where Zim's body was after the revolt) to his chocolate mix, he could shape the chocolate to look exactly like Invader Zim, right down to every last detail. Despite the fact that he was right about this, the DNA from Zim's blood sample caused the Zim-shaped chocolates to come to life and go on a rampage in Wonka's lab. Wonka then decided to scrap the DNA idea and just use the same chocolate mix that he always used and to just make an "Invader Zim shaped" mold.

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