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A gang of Cholos ready to make peace

Cholos are dangerous (And ugly) people who live in poor zones of places as Tijuana or Los Angeles. If you look up Cholo in the dictionary, it says that a Cholo is a mix of Spaniard and Native American but nowadays a Cholo is a gangster who loves to drive Lowrides and listen to Reggaeton. The 90% of Cholos came from mexico but there are Cholos in Puerto Rico, Colombia and even Canada (Canadian cholos are the most dangerous). According to Donald Trump, cholos are a Latin American guerrilla leaded by Nicolas Maduro to invade the USA and convert the whole world in Mexicans.


Between its daily routine it is the vandalism, the Lowrider races, the defense of its territory against other rival cholos, the courtship before the women, the highly unnecessary destruction of other territories cholos, the drug addiction, and to repeat the same situation for days and days.

Identify a Cholo is east: They usually wear baggy pants, huge golden chains , bandanas (Like Solid Snake), T-Shirts and white socks. They also have tattoos with black ink, implying the name of his neighborhood or the Virgin of Guadalupe and they don´t speak Spanish. They speak Spanglish. All the Cholos are bald.

Where can I find a Cholo?[edit]

Countryside Cholos

If you want to see Cholos you can visit paleces like:

  • South California: Cities like Los Angeles or San Diego
  • North part of Mexico: Tijuana is the best place
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Trump and Cholos[edit]

According to Donald Trump, all the mexican people (The children too) are dangerous cholos. For example Dora the Explorer is a Cholo. Trumop also says than the Cholos are a muslim terrorist society created by Kim Jong-un to destroy USA. Building a wall won´t stop cholos because they have Lowriders and they can jump it with these cars.

Cholos equivalent in another countries[edit]