Christina Applegate

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One of Christina's earlier photos, taken while she was fighting for her life from simultaneous snake/hawk attacks.

Christina Applegate is an actress-type thing that spent most of puberty (ages 6 through 20) on the Fox Network's heavy-hitting prison drama, Married with Children. As a young girl, she was coerced by promises of candy and movie contracts to pose for several weird posters which became popular fapping material for men and lesbians of all ages (except 27).

Her post-MwC career has been less of a career and more of a gestalt-like smoothie. An ancient gypsy curse forced her to be in several horrific movies like Those Sweet Things, Mafioso!, and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter Touched Me In My "Danger Zone She briefly had her own sitcom, Jessie's Girl, on NBC, based on the 1980s banjo hit by Rick Springsteen. It was cancelled after Ms. Applegate refused to do anything but full-frontal nudity.

She can be found in several of the better zoos in the San Diego area, and once a year she does a two-week gig at the Guggenheim, screaming at passers-by and huffing kittens.