Christoph Willibald von Gluck

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Christoph Willibald Ritter Macabre Wolfgang Sebastian Christian Amadeus von Gluck (1717-1787) is actually a real person and has notably become known as "that guy with the longest name ever". He was apparantly a composer of music within the Baroque era, but even that is now being disputed. It is now claimed that he composed during the Rococco era, a period of time that no one cares about, knows anything about, or really gives a damn about. This is an illusive man who lived in an illusive time has had many illusive biographies written about him.


No one one knows anything about Gluck. It is all very interesting. If you really want to got through 173 pages of unsure biographical information about a person who has been dead for nearly 300 years, then look it up on the Groves Dictionary of Music, the ultimate headache spot for music obsessives.