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Christopher Robin was born in 1325; he was the firstborn of 14 children. Since he was royalty, he became king in 2005, after his father, King George XX, died in a tragic duel between he and the terrible Grue.

Being the most popular man in Atlanta, France, King Christopher seemed to be the best choice for king, but he wasn't. Two years later he married Joan of Arc and had triplets, but two of his children were kidnapped at birth by a nurse and King Christopher went mad. He instantly ordered all nurses to be executed, earning him his nickname,"King Christopher 'Nursebane' Robin." After this horrible massacre, King Christopher was hated and feared by all. After two years of careful planning, King Christopher himself assassinated the royalty of all countries bordering his own, and invaded them all; this eventually led to King Christopher crowning himself as Emperor Christopholus, and invading all of Antarctica and the Bering Sea.

During this time he had an affair with his serving lady, Miss Piggy. Rumour has it that he and Miss Piggy had a baby that they named,"Piglet." but Joan of Arc finally caught on to this and stabbed Emperor Christopholus with a rusty potato, and disappeared the next day, never to be seen again. Even though his reign had ended, Emperor Christopholous was remembered as both a military genius, and a Cruel Tyrant.