Church of the Holy Cows

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Warning: Taking the Church of the Holy Cows can cause mad cow sickness.

The Church of the Holy Cows, also known as the Mooligan Church, is the church which is now independent (Under the rule of Benedict XVI), formerly in communion with the church of Uncyclopedia, and formerly acts as the 3rd branch of the worldwide Unglican Communion.


The Church of the Holy Cows traces its foundation to Jesus and the 12 Apostles. (who were just "hanging out"...)

The Church of the Holy Cows is using the rite of the Roman Catholic church tradition. Its was establish during the year 2005 after the conclave of Benedict XVI (actually just goofing off... during the election)

Governance and Administration[edit]

The Church of the Holy Cows has a set of own rules. (they follow the principles of Benedict XVI)

Membership and Clergy[edit]

Lay men become ordained through the sacrament of Holy Orders (via Bar Mitzvah... since they have no permanent "ceremeony" for a little while), and form a three-part hierarchy of bishop, priest and deacons.

Although married / pregnant men may become deacons, only celibate men are ordained as priest

Men with homosexual attitudes may be ordained deacons following three years of prayer (and Huffing as well... its allowed ) , but homosexual men who are sexually active cannot be knowingly ordained.


Related Churches[edit]

The Church of the Holy Cows is no longer connected with the Unglican Communion and now a part of the Catholic Church

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