Cirque du Soleil

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Cirque du Soleil is the name given to a series of conferences in the early 1990's betweeen the various finance ministers of the world's biggest economies at the time.

These were designed to to stabilise the entire world economy through a co-ordinated effort and to bring about a new age of prosperity for all of humanity.

However, during the course of the conferences it was discovered that none of the finance ministers could actually count. The meetings were first an embarassment to all concerned then a relief at the fact that they were not alone and that other people felt the same way that they did. The meetings were secretly renamed the Incompetent Politicians Support Group.

Upon learning that none of the people in charge of the majority of the global economy could count, and some weren't even toilet trained, they began to wonder who was actually running the global economy.

The rest of the conferences were then aimed at discovering who actually was running the global economy and why they were doing this. The delegates at the conferences then constructed the world's largest and most elaborate conspiracy theory. This theory, still the world's largest, is currently on display at Buckingham Palace, on loan from the Smithsonian Institute.