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“I think my gran might be a clishay!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Clishays

A Clishay (not to be confused with Cliché!) is defined as a completely random glitch in the matrix that can happen anywhere in the universe. They can be extremely tiny, or the same size as the galaxy itself. They are usually harmless, but, if not handled properly, can end the Matrix by summoning a black hole. In the year 1999, a local American junior high student accidentally caused a time paradox with a clishay pencil that had a little Blue Girl face on it. The school is in an alternate universe, most say.

List of Famous Clishays[edit]

  • Water - Water is in fact a clishay! It's evil and loves to drown people for no reason! An estimated 9,000,000,000 (9 billion) people have lost their lives to water to date.
  • Barbera Streisand
  • The phrase 'SIG HEIL!!!'
A relatively harmless clishay.
Many tornadoes are caused by small clishays that get out of control. Evil Computer Mouses, for instance.

Ways to Spot a Clishay[edit]

Clishays are usually very easy to distinguish, that is, assuming they're even visible. Hell, even a blade of grass could be a clishay, and if you stepped on it, then... Well, don't count on waking up.

We're all going to die.

Most clishays are physical anomalies of what actually exist, such as wierdly colored flags, or things moving on their own, or just... random stuff happening in random things.

See Also[edit]

This clishay doorknob was the cause of Hurricane Katrina!
Good thing Neo saw this clishay! It was threatening to destroy Earth.