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Clock Day[edit]

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Cock Day?


Clock Day, which occurs on Jeff's Birthday!, is the day when the people of Guatemala decide to take large hammers and make them occupy the same coordinates in the space time continuum as their clocks. Most people find this practice 'barbaric' or 'harmfull' to the clocks. However, do not feel bad for the clocks. In Guatemala, it is considered a very important tradition because it signifies how time goes by, and how the people get angry when they realize they have no time left, so instead of blaming it on themselves, they smash the clocks. But do not despair, as the leftover pieces of the clocks mysteriously form new ones during the night of this same day (but everyone has to be asleep). The clocks would then turn into strawberries and run in all the homes and torch the homes of the people, leaving only the women alive, so they could give them cumshots and rape them till kingdom come.

The History[edit]

Clock Day originated on the 24th of June, 655 B.C. For the people of Guatemala, it was the Year of Cheetah. Depending on which year it is in Guatemala, time either goes fast or slow (i.e. : if it was the year of the turtle, time would be slow.) The Year of the Cheetah happened to be an exceptionally fast one, and it passed in about the equivalent of 56.7 seconds of our time. This, of course, made the people of Gutemala very angry, so to loose track of time, they squashed their clocks.

Clock Days[edit]

WE ARE MISSING THE INFORMATION OF CLOCK DAYS FROM ,1998; 655 B.C. to 1997 is irrelevant.

Missing Days: Clock Day 1998-2003.

Clock Day 2004[edit]

Considered to be the worst Clock Day of all. A total of 2 submissions entered the Newgrounds portal... both by StrawBerry Cock.

Clock Day 2005[edit]

Clock Day 2005 is a make-believe bed time story written by Larry King and Jon Stewart. The majority of the story depicts Mongolians eating fried chicken, but occasionally has brief segments mentioning Star Jones.

Clock Day 2005 is also the Day of Clocks that took place in the year 2005 on! The day was a huge success, with on of Newgrounds favourite flash authors and intergalactic space alien Xenu submitting some of his best work.

Unfortunately many of the movies submitted were created by retarded children who didn't know what Strawberries looked like, so it became very obnoxious.

Clock Day 2006[edit]

On Cock Day 2006, over 1.5 billion submissions entered the portal of Newgrounds. Over 200 passed, which is a world record for Clocks everywhere. Tom Cruise (who is not so very not gay) had the top scoring submission, entering under his alias "TomClock." It scored 1.78/5, just passing judgement by .18 points. Again, a proud achievment for clocks everywhere.

Clock Day 2007[edit]

Information will come soon!