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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for California?
Penis Humongus
National Hot-Dog Producers Of Antartica
Motto: "Haha, Mines Bigger!"
Anthem: "Detachable Penis" by King Missle
Capital Testiclan
Largest city Right Nut
Official language(s) English (why would it be anything else?)
Government Dickmocracy
Cockmaster Will Smith
‑ Prick Dick Cheney
‑ Foreign Engagement Officer Willie Nelson
 of Independence
Currency Pubes
Religion Rastafarian
Major exports Hotdogs, Skeet, and Low Quality Porn
Major imports Viagra

“WTF? That image wasn't even photoshopped! Is there seriously a part of Antartica that looks like a penis?!?”

~ You on the discovery of this article


Soon after the nuclear attack in 2009 where the United States of America nuked the country of Iran, the whole world began World War III. By 2011 nuclear fallout had killed off most of the people in the world and the only safe haven was The North Pole and Antartica. People were dying and affirmitave action was needed. George Bush, who was just about to finish his 3rd term as president proposed a plan to save humanity. He stated that.

“In order for the United States of Texas to survive, we must make haste to the moon. There are no homosexuals(or oxygen) on the moon. And remember to vote for me in the upcoming 2012 election. 'A vote for Georgie is a vote for a free can of baked beans!'”

~ George Bush's plan to save humanity

Many people had speculations about this plan. Scientist belived that without oxygen, that people could not live. This is when a cult lead by Will Smith laid out a plan to raise Evan Stone a deceseased porn star from the dead. How this resurection happened is unknown at this time, and one can only hope that someone adds on to this article about that event took place; but what we do know for sure is that in 2012 the newly alive Evan Stone and his 14 inch penis would gain great favor with the public. (In case none of ya'll watch porn, Evan Stone had the world's largest penis and really deserves an article on Uncyclopedia, preferably by someone other than the maker of this article, because, well, let's face it, this article sucks!)

The Election of 2012[edit]

With World War III still going on and a lack of stable land to live on, there was heavy debate over who the next president of the United States would be. The Republican party's candidate was George W Bush, while the Democrats had some no-name minority leader run their party. However as mentioned the newly erected Whig party had Evan Stone as their candidate. Soon all the candidates campaigned hard but it would turn out that George Bush would once again win the presidency for the 4th time. Evan Stone would have one, but he was assassinated just prior to the election.

Seperation From The Union[edit]

Furious after the loss of the election and the death of their leader, the whig party had a meeting to discuss their future. Will Smith proposed a plan to move all loyal members to an area of Antartica shaped like a penis a make their home there. During the following weeks, members would meet and it was final. On October 7th, 2012; the nation of Cockistan would finaly be formed.

About The Country[edit]


Thanks to Global Warming, the climate in Cockistan is very nice. It tends to be tropical with a cool breeze. On ocasions it rains Corona Light.


The vast array of nude beaches makes for the tip of Cockistan to be flooded with tourists, usually ugly fat chicks.


Politics aren't to big of a deal in Cockistan...except for the lynching of pedifilers.