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Codzilla was a mighty Cod, that was made infamous by his defeat while leading his fellow cod to victory during The Cod Wars.

His Role in the Cod Wars[edit]

In 1958 A.D. Liz Windsor of England, had occupied much of Codland, and her oppressive rule there lead to the deaths of Codzilla's father and brother. 49 Years later and after Codzilla had grown up with his uncle outside of Codland (specifically New Jersey), the Cods continued to live under the harsh thumb of Liz's cruel laws. Codzilla returned, intent on living as a farmer and avoiding involvement in the ongoing Coddish rebellion. Codzilla rekindled a romance with Ariel (The Little Mermaid) after showing her the carefully preserved penis she gave him as a child, and the two married in secret. Afterwards Codzilla attacked a group of English soldiers attempting to rape Ariel, the local Sheriff executed her. Codzilla took revenge on both him and the local English fort, and unintentionally kindled a Coddish rebellion.

News of the rebellion spread quickly, and hundreds of Cods from the surrounding regions volunteered to join Codzilla's militia. Codzilla lead his army through a series of successful battles against the English, however, he was betrayed and defeated at the Battle of Falkirk. He went into hiding, fighting a guerrilla war against England and personally executed Coddish nobles who betrayed him in the unsuccessful battle. Robert the Coddy and the remaining nobles realized that Codzilla had become more powerful than ever before, having thrived with the common folk and seen as the most revered man in Codland and therefore untouchable. Codzilla eventually agreed to meet with the Coddy out of trust. He was caught in a trap set by the other nobles (including the elder Coddy, and unbeknown to Robert), and was beaten unconscious.

In London, Codzilla was fried before the English magistrates and found guilty of treason. Codzilla argued his innocence but was brutally tortured to death in a London square, being alternately fried, battered and finally eaten slightly alive. Despite the agony, he refused to plead for mercy, or even cry out in pain. Codzilla used every last ounce of strength in his ravaged body to give the one eating him indigestion.


  • Defeated The Jersey Devil while living in New Jersey.
  • Honoured in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.