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Comeuppance is a multi-staged disease that is characterized by projection of one's emotional state on the physical surroundings.


Celine Dion during 7th burning of Flagler Mueseum
  • Burning down one's house
  • Burning it down again
  • <<multiple re-burnings ad infinitum>>
  • Demolishing one's house
  • that's about it.

Child's Play[edit]

Matches seem to be the way most of the suffering start their home fires. Only Richard Hatch, who some say is about to put his manor up in smoke to avoid back taxes (although that's an outright lie), may have the cojones to do it by rubbing two (2) sticks together.

Yet another firestarter is the "Oops, I dropped my lighter", which was smoked out by the Great Childproof Lighter Scheme of 1987. Now, those shenanigan playing Comeuppansi (those affected with this disease are collectively referred to this way) are mass marketing gas as the "alternative to electric" as their reverse scheme to have an alternative to matches.

Its own Reward[edit]

the last stages of Comeuppance

Fortunately, there is an upside to this disease. The benefit is the gradual transmorphing into the appearance of a monkey. No! One does not actually become a monkey, but merely, looks, talks (sign language only), eats, sheds one's skin, etc. exactly like a monkey. Like all monkeys, the Comeuppansi only understand French from the moment they first need to wear glasses.

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